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Why It's Worth the Effort to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer  

Negligence is all around us. It's a constant presence on the road, in the hospital, and in virtually every other setting imaginable. No matter where it occurs, however, its implications can be devastating. While there is no turning back time, compensation can help victims ease both the financial and emotional burden of negligence-based accidents. Unfortunately, many fail to secure damages, often because they assume they can go it alone.

When in doubt, it's best to consult a personal injury lawyer. As we demonstrate below, professional legal representation not only increases your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome — it makes the process a lot less stressful.

Liability Can Be Confusing

Personal injury cases are rarely clear-cut. What happens if you are partially to blame for the accident? Connecticut is a modified comparative negligence state; as a plaintiff, you can still collect if you're partially to blame — as long as you're not deemed 51 percent at fault or greater. Unfortunately, the opposing side may exaggerate the role your behavior played in the accident.

Higher Settlements

Most personal injury cases end in settlement. Sometimes, however, it's not whether a case ends in settlement that matters most, but rather, the amount the opposing side is willing to pay to stay out of court. Aggressive, trial-ready attorneys know exactly how far to push to ensure you secure the best settlement possible.

According to the Insurance Research Council, plaintiffs with legal assistance ultimately receive settlements totaling over three times as much as those who go it alone. That figure alone makes legal representation worthwhile. Should your case ultimately go to trial, you'll almost assuredly fare far better if you have a skilled personal injury attorney on your side.

Minimizing the Stress of Legal Proceedings

The legal process is inherently stressful. Imagine combining the emotional toll of recovering from a horrific accident with the difficulties of navigating a complex legal process all on your own. A compassionate attorney can shoulder some of this burden, sparing you what would otherwise be a laborious, frustrating, and anxiety-inducing process. You'll feel the load lighten the moment you arrive for an initial consultation; your attorney shouldn't sugarcoat your situation but should let you know exactly what to expect throughout the legal process.

Opposing Counsel Can Be Intimidating

Depending on the defendant, you could be in for a nasty surprise if you take legal action on your own. If you go up against a large corporation, you can bet that you'll encounter an aggressive opposing attorney. No matter how thoroughly you prepare, it won't be enough to prevent missteps as you face the other side's intimidating legal representative.

You Have Little to Lose

Most personal injury attorneys work on contingency — a lost case means you're off the hook for legal fees. No upfront payment is required; if your attorney proves successful, legal fees will be collected from your final settlement.

In high-stakes personal injury cases, there is little room for error. One small filing mistake or misstep in court could cost you tens, even hundreds of thousands in the long-run. Don't go it alone; seek support from a trusted personal injury attorney.

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