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The Services Of A Probate Lawyer

What is a probate lawyer?

This is a state licensed lawyer specialized in probate law. They are legally allowed to provide advice on legal matters related to your estate and how to manage the assets and affairs of the dying or deceased. Probate lawyers help people manage their assets and distribute it among their chosen beneficiaries, also known as the probate process.

Why do you need a probate lawyer?

There is a complex process that your assets go through before reaching your beneficiaries and this process differs depending on which state you live in. A probate lawyer understands this process quite well due to their education and their practical experience in it. Having a probate lawyer discuss the probate process with you and your beneficiaries ahead of time will save everybody time and money on the entire process as well as maximize the distribution of your assets ensuring it is handled exactly how you want and not be left to the laws of your state.

A probate lawyer will also ease out any disagreement with your beneficiaries or representative should they come up. Planning ahead with your probate lawyer should avoid any obstacles or problems.

What you should expect out of the probate process

Your probate & beneficiaries lawyer will be with you every step of the way of the probate process. Here are 10 examples of the services they can provide you:

  1. Providing all relevant paperwork necessary by law for the probate process to continue in a speedy and organized way.

  2. Getting proper appraisals of the value of your properties upon the time of death.

  3. Gathering and securing all assets related to the probate process. May also include assets unrelated to probate process.

  4. Giving professional legal advice on any due payments or debts that may be left behind.

  5. Help with sorting out any insurance proceeds that can be paid to beneficiaries.

  6. Help with the paperwork of the sale of any properties as well as attending to any resulting tax issues that could come up because of it.

  7. Calculating estate taxes that will come about and providing advice on how to settle them.

  8. Communicating with your beneficiaries to make them aware of your intentions and settling any possible disputes before they arise.

  9. Updating the names on any titles or assets to ensure the proper transition from decedent to beneficiaries.

  10. Distribute the assets left behind in accordance to the will provided by the deceased.

These are just some examples of what a top rated probate lawyer can do for you. The law has a lot to say about what happens to your assets at the time of your passing. Passing away without a plan can leave behind a lot of turmoil depending on the circumstances. Without the help of a probate attorney, your assets will be distributed by the state. This is a long process that rarely ever yields favorable results. Keep your family safe and make sure they get what you want them to get. Find a probate legal advisor and start planning ahead.

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