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5 Biggest Personal Injury Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Whenever you go through a personal injury situation, you need to be very careful of the things you do and say in the coming weeks. It is understandable that you are physically and emotionally traumatized after such events. Whether you were involved in a bad car accident, or you got injured through someone else’s negligence while minding your own business, you are going to feel really bad about the situation. Not only are you missing work and having to deal with an injury, but you probably have to worry about your medical bills too.

Getting results for your injury case is possible only if you hire experts like Racine Law to represent you. Such lawyers are a huge asset, because they can help get you the compensation you deserve. And you should avoid the following personal injury mistakes so you do not harm your chances of getting a good compensation deal:

  1. Follow Doctor’s Orders:

Even if you feel as though you are ready to go back to work, you must follow your doctor’s orders. They know what they are doing. If they tell you that you need to rest for a week, you MUST rest for a week. Even if you are worried about losing out on your pay for the week, you must remember that you can get that money back when you seek compensation from the party who caused your injury.

  1. Do Not Give Statements to the Insurance Companies:

Dealing with insurance companies is a necessary evil in most personal injury situations, but it does not mean you have to do everything they say. Most insurance companies start off being very cooperative and friendly, because they want you to fall into their trap. They are going to ask you to give a recorded statement, where they attempt to trick you into minimizing the damages you were caused by the accident. Do not fall into such a trap. Contact your lawyers and make sure they communicate with the insurance company from now on!

  1. Do Not Settle Early

It is a big mistake to settle your case as early as possible. Insurance companies always low-ball with their first couple of offers. If you take their first offer, you are missing out on a lot of money. This is also true when you are dealing with companies and individuals who owe you compensation. Take your time, talk to your lawyer and make sure you are never pressured into settling in these cases. Only settle when you have the compensation figure you deserve in front of you.

  1. Filing Without a Lawyer

Do not file claims with an insurance company unless a lawyer goes through all your papers and makes sure everything is in order. Unless you have legal experience with personal injury cases, you are probably going to make a mistake with these filings. In contrast, the lawyer knows exactly what to say and what to avoid when you are filing these claims.

  1. Take the Case Seriously

It is a good thing to have faith that people will “do the right thing,” but you must remain cautious and careful too. Take the case seriously, assume the other party is not going to behave fairly and hire an attorney so your best interests are at the forefront of any negotiations.

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