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Should You Call a Sexual Assault Lawyer?

Sexual assault is a terrible crime. When you suffer from a sexual assault, both your mind and body can be at risk. Even mild offences can lead to lasting damage to your sense of self, your career, your relationships and more. Recovery is a multifaceted process that may take years of support and rebuilding. While you should work with medical professionals, counsellors and supportive friends, you may also want to contact a sexual assault lawyer. You may be reluctant to pursue legal action, but there are some key reasons why it helps.

Contact a Lawyer to Pursue Justice

 The first reason you should hire a sexual assault lawyer is justice. It should be evident by now that sexual assault is a crime. According to most law sources, sexual assault is any type of unwanted contact or behaviour of a sexual nature. It is notably different than harassment. In assault, usually, contact such as penetration, touch or exposure is involved. It can include unwanted kisses, groping, unsolicited text images and more. Because these actions are expressly prohibited by law, you need a lawyer to ensure that justice occurs. This is the way things should work in a fair and moral society.

Work with a Lawyer to Attain Closure

 While justice is essential to society, you will have more personal reasons for pursuing your case with a sexual assault attorney. Primarily, working with a lawyer on your situation can bring you closure. It can be painful to relive the events as you proceed through the situation. In fact, this pain and embarrassment are vital reasons why many people shy away from talking to a lawyer in the first place. However, many people discover that tackling the case through the legal system provides a sense of validation and closure. It should be clear that working with a lawyer is not the only way or even the primary way to find closure about what happened. Nonetheless, it can be an essential part of coming to terms with what you experienced. In this sense, talking about your assault is never easy, but it can ultimately be worthwhile in some cases.

Find a Lawyer to Keep More People Safe

 Another reason to work a sexual assault attorney is for the sake of others. If you do not pursue justice with a lawyer, then the person who assaulted you may go free. With that freedom, the perpetrator is likely to strike again. Repeat offenders are a huge problem, and such predators should not be allowed to walk freely. Therefore, you can protect other people and prevent more victimization. When you work with a lawyer, the perpetrator can be brought to justice to ensure that more people do not suffer.

A Sexual Assault Lawyer Can Get You the Resources You Deserve

 Sexual assault cases are not merely criminal trials. You may also work with a lawyer in a civil case. In a civil case, you can seek the compensation you deserve. This compensation pays for any ongoing therapy or medical treatment. Many people need continuing counselling or therapy to deal with their assault. The cost of this treatment can quickly accumulate. A lawyer can make sure you win a settlement that pays for this ongoing treatment. It may even be able to pay for any missed work or other life compromises you have had to make after your assault. No price tag can truly compensate you for your suffering, but a good lawyer can make sure you get the resources you need to start rebuilding your life in earnest.

Hire a Lawyer to Find a Needed Ally

 In the end, you should call a lawyer after a sexual assault if you need an ally. Such assaults can be scary and disorienting. You may not know what to do or who to trust. A lawyer with experience and training in these cases can provide you with the clarity you need. The sexual assault attorney can help you assess your case and make the best decisions possible. This ally can help you through the legal process and your recovery at large.

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