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Seven Tips For Dads To Survive The Divorce Process

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The dads who are going through the divorce process must be very careful to handle their kids in the right way. You can get a divorce from your wife and work it out because you are adults, but your kids need to see you do the right things so that they can survive this process with you. All the things that are listed below will change how you approach your divorce and your kids.

1. Keep It Private

You just cannot tell your kids why you two are getting divorced, what you hate about your ex, and how you plan to move on. Your kids cannot know if you have a girlfriend, and you cannot project onto them things you dislike about your ex.

2. Never Bash Your Ex

This also means that you cannot bash your ex at any time. It is one thing for you to express frustration at the process, but you cannot turn to your kids and tell them how horrible their mother is. This means that you have completely avoided all confrontation, and you are doing a good job, then, of keeping your kids out of it.

3. Where Will They Live?

You need to ask your kids where they want to live, and then you need to get their honest opinion it. You have to respect them if they want to live with your ex, and you need to make accommodations so that they can live well if you two are sharing custody. This is something that the kids deserve to have a part in, and you cannot force them to live where you say. They will end up resenting you if that is the case.

4. Child Support

Your kids will find out if you are not paying child support or refuse to pay the amount that their mother has asked for. They will notice that you are trying to cut them off from your life, and that might be the last time they trust you. This also means that you cannot go and talk to them about money. They are just kids, and they do not truly understand all the implications of what is going on.

5. Fun

You still need to have fun with your kids, and you have to make certain that you have done things with them that they love. This means that you could chat with the kids about things that they love, and you could come to all their sporting events and recitals so that you are all still having fun.

6. Be Friendly

The best thing that you can do is learn to make friends with your ex. Your kids will notice that you two can work out your problems on this level, and they will respect you for that. This is something that you have to do when you want your kids to learn how to be in relationship, and this could also help you get remarried without looking like the bad guy.

7. Communicate

You must be ready to communicate with your kids, and you need to talk to their mother when you hear things that are truly troubling. If you do not run across anything scary, you need to keep those things to yourself.

You should click here to get more information on the divorce process if you want to have a good relationship with your kids. You know that this will be hard on your kids, and you need to be very aware of what will happen when you split up with your wife. Your kids can see that something is going on, and they are going to look to you to make sure that you are handling it right. The kids can tell.

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