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Make Sure Your Teen is Responsible Behind the Wheel

Giving your teenager permission to get a driver’s license is one of the bigger steps you will take as a parent.

That said it is important your teen is aware of the responsibilities that come with being a driver.

Not only is he or she responsible for their actions when driving, but they must be alert to what other drivers are up to.

So, will your teen have what it takes to be a responsible driver?

Start Them Out with Good Advice

In looking into the notion on should your teen be driving, remember a few pointers:

  1. Responsibility – What level of responsibility does your teen have? Given you know them better than anyone else; you should be able to answer such a question. If your teen seems quite responsible, getting a driver’s license does make sense. But, if they lack responsibility for one reason or another, you may want to proceed with more caution. Sit them down and talk about what it takes to be a responsible driver. After a conversation or two, you can better gauge if they have the right preparation to go get a license.
  2. Vehicle – If your teen will get a driver’s license, what type of vehicle do you figure on them driving? The right vehicle for a teen is even more important than that for an adult. Keep in mind that teens do not have the experience behind the wheel that most adults do. As a result, you want your son or daughter in a vehicle that is best suited for them. Since many teens end up with older vehicles, be sure to have the vehicle inspected before they drive it. The last thing you want is your teen in a car or truck that is not as safe as it should be.
  3. Accidents – Auto accidents happen every minute of each day. With that being the case, it is critical your teen do everything to steer clear of auto accidents. It only takes one serious accident to change their life and of course yours. While you can live with a few small scratches or a small dent or two on the vehicle, you do not want anything major. The best way for your teen to avoid accidents is to be a safe and responsible driver.
  4. Maintenance – As part of avoiding accidents, maintaining the vehicle is key. That said you should expect your teen to let you know if something does not seem right with the vehicle. You also want them to take care of simple tasks. This means tire inflation, checking the oil level, and alerting you if the brakes screech. By being a pro-active driver, there is less of a chance of the vehicle breaking down and being in an accident.

When a teenager gets his or her driver’s license, it is a major milestone in their young life.

As such, you want to be sure your teen gets to enjoy such a moment in his or her life.

By being responsible behind the wheel, they will have a better driving experience.

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