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Protecting Your Estate After a DUI: How a Probate Attorney Can Help

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that around 1.5 million Americans are charged with a DUI every single year. In minor instances, this may only lead to a fine or mild punishment, but in more serious situations, DUIs can lead to jail time, suspension of a license, and much bigger fines which could impact your estate.

Understanding the Implications of a DUI on Your Estate

Punishments for DUIs can vary from state to state, and they may also vary based on the severity of the crime and whether or not the offender has a criminal history. In the worst cases, DUIs can result in huge fines and lengthy spells in prison, especially if someone is hurt or even killed because of a driver operating their vehicle under the influence.

Such punishments can have severe effects on your estate and whatever plans you've made for it. Your finances may take a big hit if you have to pay large fines, and if you don't have the money available, other assets could be seized, like vehicles or property. That’s why it’s vital to take proactive measures and prepare for any eventuality.

The Role of a Probate Attorney

A probate lawyer can help you with estate planning, as well as assisting you in taking the necessary steps to safeguard against future DUIs or other charges. Their job is to assist clients with settling debts and distributing their assets and wealth in the event of a death in the family.

Probate attorneys help clients navigate the difficult and often complex process of probate, helping beneficiaries or heirs of an estate get through the process and obtain any inheritance left behind by the deceased, as well as helping people plan out how their estate should be distributed in the event of their own death.

These attorneys are extensively experienced in estate planning and all of the relevant administration that goes along with it. They have a deep understanding of all laws and regulations regarding estates, and they also know the legal measures you can take to protect your estate in the case of DUIs.

Ways a Probate Attorney Can Help Protect Your Estate After a DUI

As well as hiring a DUI attorney after a DUI, it’s worth contacting a probate lawyer. They can help you take the appropriate steps to protect your estate and its beneficiaries. Here are a few methods that they may use.

Asset protection strategies

Probate attorneys can make use of various protection strategies to protect your assets and make it impossible for certain assets to be taken away, even if you're given a large fine as part of your DUI. This can include establishing an array of trusts and funds, as well as transferring assets into protected entities.

Your attorney can also help you update all relevant beneficiaries and designations for your estate, and all of this can help to provide added protection for the money and assets you’ve spent time and effort accumulating. Even in the case of a serious DUI charge, your assets will be safe.

Estate planning revisions

A DUI charge can have a big impact on your financial situation and your estate on the whole. You may have to make some changes to your estate plan or will in the wake of a DUI, and once again, a probate attorney can be of great assistance with this.

Your attorney can help you make any changes to your existing will, as well as any trusts you've already established in the past. They can assist you if you need to modify the power of attorney or adjust any healthcare instructions, as well as making amendments and plans for the guardianship of children.

Legal guidance during the probate process

Given that the probate process is often quite complicated, it helps to have an attorney on your side to guide you through it. Without a lawyer, it's easy to make mistakes or simply feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the process, but with the aid of an attorney, you should be able to overcome any challenges and avoid the common probate pitfalls.

Your attorney will also be able to assist with any paperwork that needs to be filled in and filed, as well as aiding with any court appearances or matters. Plus, they can simply answer questions you might have along the way.


A DUI can be a very serious charge, with long-term consequences for your entire estate. However, with the right protection and the aid of an experience probate attorney, you can avoid the worst-case scenario and safeguard your assets. To avoid any unnecessary problems, take action and contact a trusted attorney to help with your case.

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