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Police and its role in our lives

A common man lives his life enjoying the facilities and liberties offered by the government and makes sure that he fulfills his duty towards his country. Also, many other people act as an important part of life and make your life worth living. Many such people perform their duties around us but go unnoticed. One of such professions is being a police officer.

There is no way our system could function without someone standing on the roads to guide us on which way to go or to serve us if the traffic lights go out or if someone gets into road trouble. There are so many roles and duties of police towards us which makes them an essential part of our daily lives.

Important roles of police


Many road and street crimes are considered normal in their percentage because of the presence of police. If there were no such people to keep a check on such crimes, the crime rate would have spiked to an unimaginable level.

If someone gets into a problem such as stealing of purse on a street or viewing a robbery or kidnapping or anything suspicious, the first thought that a person gets in his mind is contacting the police. Police can not only investigate the crimes but also collect important evidence to aid the investigators.

Police is a trusted department that makes the people trust them and provides a solution for the criminal problems of people that occur every day.

Maintain peace

The police force of a country is divided into many unique departments, with each being accountable for a specific civic duty. For instance, the traffic police are accountable for retaining order in the traffic, making sure there are no traffic rule violations, and minimizing the threat of accidents. The same goes for any other department. In case of any riots or attacks, the police are the first to arrive to fix and keep order.

Police also make sure that people do not escape after committing a crime and are held in the police station until they are free of charge so that they do not become trouble for other people.

Emergency services

The police are now not simply referred to as to maintain order and round up criminals. In case of emergencies like main accidents and disasters, the police are called in for help. The police receive an education that comes in handy at some point of emergencies, and they are entrusted with protecting the residents and doling out emergency clinical materials and treatment. They additionally supply ethical assist to the people, presenting the assurance to humans that they are being protected and that the state of affairs is under control.

There can be many emergencies, like having a fire, or disposal of a bomb or an accident, or a dispute in which there are all different needs of the situation. Every time, the situation needs a different skill set to tackle the situation. Police are therefore trained for different situations accordingly. Different countries have different procedures for training like different timings and spans of training, but all types of basic training are covered in the course of the training.


Police also have to respond to the cases reported by the citizens. The cases might range from a lost object to the case of domestic violence. Police have the responsibility of finding the lost objects reported through proper teams and submit the report within a specified period. Other cases that might be reported need prompt action such as the reporting of an abuser that is a threat constantly increasing every passing minute as there is no guarantee what he will do next. In such cases, there is a need for immediate action by the police.

Areas of duty

Police have to perform their duty despite the nature of the season and time on any place assigned because once they receive an emergency call, they have to act immediately. They cannot risk a delay of even a few minutes for which, police are usually scattered throughout the city to make sure that the teams reach the destination as soon as possible.

Also, they have to secure every area by making sure that every street and place is under their sight either through surveillance cameras or by physical wardens. This means that for the protection of people outside the city, there will be a special highway police force to assist the travelers and to make sure that the area is secure.

Protection of the citizens

Sometimes, cases are reported where there is a doubt of criminal activity to happen in near future. For such cases, police are needed before the happening of a criminal act. This means that police will provide protection and support to the citizen who has not been harmed yet but there is a significant chance that the situation might get very critical in the next few hours or days. This depends upon the severity of the situation that either the citizen needs protection or not.

But in many cases, police provide armed protection to the resident or his house. Therefore, in situations where someone threats you or threatens your children or members of the family, you can seek protection from the local police, and they will grant it to you. Also, if you name a suspect, in any case, there will be a close watch on the activities of that person, and if you do not have a suspect but only a vague image in mind, n that case as well police provides the facility of artists that pour your words onto the paper and draw a familiar face upon which the police starts its round of investigation to catch the criminal.

Duties of policemen as individuals


The police officer should be as transparent with the public as possible because it can help the citizens be satisfied and less troubled. Especially in case of emergencies or in case of lost persons, the officers should share the progress as much as possible so that the citizens feel relieved of the stress that the police are making progress in the matter.

Accurate targets

The targets of the police officials should be very accurate because if the bullet hits a civilian, meaning an innocent individual and he gets killed or injured that might become the end of the officer’s career. Previously, people did not have much knowledge about such procedures and did not want to get into a hassle, so such cases used to brush off after some time when the city used to recover.

But today, people have much awareness about law and technology. Also, many local firms are present online such as Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer which provides easy accessibility to experienced attorneys. This is a plus point for both the police and the citizens as citizens stand up for their rights and make sure that all the officers are perfect. On the other hand police department also gets to know about their incompetent employees and makes their staff more precise and professional.

Have a professionally respectful attitude

All the officers that are in direct contact with the public must have a great sense of communicating so that people not only become satisfied after speaking to them but also do not feel disrespected after talking to the officer.

Many times, in emergencies people tend to panic and become difficult to control. But the police should have the capability to handle the situation not by force, but by word.


Police should interact with people in a friendly way. But his aspect is covered more from the citizen's point of view. Citizens should interact with police officers as well to maintain a friendly relationship. If they only communicate while being accused of charges or being arrested, then there cannot exist a friendly relationship.

But, if the police interact with people, this will help them get a better view of the type of people living around, which may even help in handling many cases.


There are many police officers that we see on our way to work, or school, or playgrounds but we never acknowledge the effort they put in to make sure we live in a safe and peaceful environment. Also, there are many tough characteristic traits that are required by the police officers to practice every day. Therefore, our lives could be unimaginably difficult without the role of the police.

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