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Importance of law and some of its branches

Law is a necessary part of everyone’s lifestyles not solely to bound them to legal boundaries, however additionally to guard them and their rights against being violated. It is a frequent statement that nations that no longer respect their law and regulations, give up with a mess in the country where no one is following any guidelines and each man or woman feels himself or herself out of the boundary of law.

One can also say that law determines the success of a country as it offers a code of behavior to observe upon which all the country agrees. Law is a massive section of the necessities of a country. Without law, people will do what they consider right and everyone’s perspective of things can be different, making the day end up in disputes.

Previously, there were not many fields of law. All the cases used to be forced under the same category which might have some sub-divisions and experienced people to fight the case, but generally, there were fewer official categories in the field of law. But gradually, this percentage has increased and has accommodated more fields which needed attention.

Different fields such as technology or cybersecurity, environmental law, sports law, media law, and many other mentionable branches of law have not only emerged but are evolving with time. This has not only increased the legal boundaries to the field that were neglected previously but has also enabled to generate more careers in law.

Criminal law

Criminal law is one of the oldest fields of law to exist today. It deals with the laws for and against criminals. This is also one of the most important areas of practice for lawyers today.

Importance of criminal law

Criminal law deals with the law by the side of the criminal. This means that criminal law is the type of regulation that relates to crime. It prescribes behavior perceived as threatening, harmful, or in any other case endangering to the property, health, safety, and ethical welfare of human beings inclusive of one's self. Most criminal regulation is set up via statute, which is to say that the legal guidelines are enacted through a legislature. Criminal regulation consists of the punishment and rehabilitation of human beings who violate such laws.

What is the purpose and functionality of criminal law?

Many parts of the law enlist a detailed view about what is included in the list of crimes and what degree crimes correspond to what degree of punishment. All these laws have enlisted penalties against criminals like murder, kidnapping, etc.

But another function of criminal law is to act as a defendant for the criminals. This means that if a criminal is accused of any charge, he can hire a criminal lawyer to defend his case and aim for compensation in his punishment. In many cases, this works wonders and also helps criminals get out of death sentences and complete the punishment like jail time or other means.

But this is not the only purpose of criminal law. Criminal law also believes that making criminals complete a specific period in jails and isolation is not the solution to all problems. The jail sentence has to finish one day and the criminal will be out on the roads again.

To ensure that the person gets to change his mind and opinions and develops himself as a respectable and well-mannered person for the society. This can be done through the rehabilitation process which makes sure that the time in isolation is not only used for making the individual a decent person but also for making himself realize the severity of his crimes and find the evil in what he has done.

This also becomes a point of relief for the people and the government that the criminals they catch are not going to be on the same path and making the police run after them again after they are discharged from the prison. This is a very necessary factor because there might be a possibility that the person may become more frustrated after being released from jail and committing more serious crimes than before.

Is it a better option to hire a criminal lawyer than representing the case yourself for many reasons such as:


You might not be able to find the loopholes yourself as easily as an experienced lawyer can. Moreover, there is a possibility that the attorney will discuss your case with his colleagues to get a better view of what you can do in the case. This means you will have more professional hands on the deck for your case.


A person in such a situation will not be able to handle the paperwork by himself. Also, the law makes it a must step to document everything and make sure you have a record of every paper, which can be a trivial task. But a professional attorney can do that for you without any hassle.

Legal advice

An individual going through such a tough phase where he or she is emotionally very stressed can lead to a state of affairs where they want to make a choice but can't figure it out via yourself, then you require a professional to assist you with the problem. In today’s era, this is no longer a trivial task as Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers and many other firms are providing their services online which you can check according to your area.

Domestic violence law

Just like criminal law, domestic violence law is also not a newly introduced field. It has a big significance especially for the female population as they are usually the common victim in a case of domestic violence.

Importance of domestic law

Domestic law holds great importance as it makes the abusers accountable for their actions. It states the punishments and types of domestic violence which can be caused and should be processed as soon as possible.

Types of domestic violence

Social abuse, which deals with the disconnection of the victim from the outer world making her stay in the confined walls of the house. In some cases, even the connection via phone calls and the internet is blocked so that the victim is unable to contact anyone.

Another category is physical abuse which refers to the physical torture on a person which might even leave marks and scars on the skin of the victim. To help such troubled people, look out for people around you, if you see any scars or marks, which appear to be a physical abuse problem, you must inquire the person so that if there is a problem, you can report it.

Another type is emotional abuse. It refers to a situation where the victim is continuously rejected and questioned and tortured mentally. This might even change the mental stability of a person and lead to serious irreversible brain damage.

Spiritual abuse refers to the hindrance a person puts for the victim in offering her religious supplications and stops her from following her religious practices. This mostly happens in the case where a marriage outside culture, religion, or country is done where such differences arise and one person makes it necessary for the other one to follow his religion and practices and might even end up becoming an abuser.

Financial abuse is also a common type of abuse in such cases, this mostly happens in families with low income where poverty takes its place. In such situations, partners are usually mentally frustrated as well either due to the inability to cope up with the expenses or to maintain their image in the social circle. In any such cases, usually one of the partners blames the other one for their situation which makes him abusive.

Another aspect of financial abuse is that when a person does not give the option of spending money to another person and keeps the finances in his hand, making the other person deprived of even her basic needs. Also, there is a chance that he might not allow her to ask for any necessity even if he has no problem of low income or low budget.

In any case, a person should file a legal case against the abuser.


Law is a very important field in our lives which saves us from many troubles even without us noticing. It is our moral duty to act according to the laws of our country and respect the legal professionals and their efforts for making our existence peaceful.

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