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How to choose a home remodeling contractor

If you have decided to bring some changes in your home like if you want to change bathtub in your bathroom or shelves in the kitchen but you are so busy in your daily work and don’t have time to do such home changes then no need to worry especially when you don’t have the skill to complete the task. You can hire the services of a Los Angeles home remodeling contractor to complete your changes at home.

But choosing a home remodeling contractor is not an easy job as it looks easy. Choosing a home remodeling contractor is like hiring a new employee at your office. While hiring an employee requires interviews of many candidates, the same is true about choosing a home remodeling contractor. After making a search and interviewing few home remodeling contractors of your town, decide on one hire.

Take the following steps to choose a home remodeling contractor in your town.

 List of important home remodeling contractors

You should start your work by spending some time making a list of top home remodeling contractors in your town by looking into their expertise. Then narrow down the funnel of this list to select one contractor which not only is an expert but also understands your economic condition. You can make your list of these contractors by asking your friends and homeowners. But an important point about the recommendation by these people is prior experience. Get advice from those who have recently gone through the process of home remodeling. Online search is another option and checking reviews. You can also use social media to get recommendations from your friends. After choosing one contractor for you, see the works which they have completed in your area.

Contractor’ profile comparison

What type of changes do you want to do in your home? Choose a contractor according to the type of changes you bring in home. There will be many contractors who are experts in making kitchens, bathrooms, or floor tiling. So select one according to your need. Consider the creativity of the contractor in his specialty. Try to get different ideas about the completion of your project from the contractor. If the idea attracts you then choose the contractor.

While choosing a contractor, ask about their previous work. A good contractor has a record of work on the websites or keeps photos. You can visit his website. Ask him to show photos of his last work before and after the start of work. Look at the difference in the finishing of work and new ideas trend in his work

 Don’t rely on the evidence of good work in one project because contractors show photographs of their best-finished projects. They usually don’t show the comparison between photos of before and after the completion of the project.

Licensing and certification

Ask from the list of the final few contractors about their license and certification. You should look for the licensing and certification according to your project. Legal requirements of such licensing and certification are different in different states. You can get help from licensing division for your community. You should not look for the correct license & certification to complete projects safely and in a legal way but also look at whether they have liability or insurance or not. This will be beneficial for you if they damage your house during the remodeling process. Inquire to look in to copy of such license, certification, and insurance to know either these documents are up to date or not.

Delete the name of such contractors who are not having any of these documents. Also, delete the name of those contractors who claim to have these credentials but are reluctant to show them.

Look how busy is the contractor

A busy contractor with no time can be an indication of a good contractor. Because if the contractor is well-reputed and experienced then there will be more demand of his work in the town. So, it will be better for you to wait for the availability of a good contractor.


Asking about the references about their previous work is an important factor to choose a house remodeling contractor.  A good contractor will give the references of many people who have acquired the services of a contractor to complete the projects. Get addresses and telephone numbers of at least 10-15 people. Note that their projects are completed in the recent past. Please get the dates of completion as well.

After collecting references then call a few of them. Select references for few recent work and few older. Then ask the reference to visit if they allow. Ask the following questions from the references.

  • Did they follow the schedule?
  • Did the contractor keep the job site neat and clean?
  • Punctuality of the contractor during the completion of work
  • Was cost in control and reasonable?
  • Were problems or reasons to remodel solved?
  • How was the overall work rating

Ask about the overall experience of the client. If the reference gives good and satisfactory remarks then take it positive for choosing him. Don’t choose any contractor with bad or poor remarks.

Visit of finished projects

It will be good to visit few completed projects of few contractors especially those who are close to your home and projects are completed in the last few years. It will be good if you visit those projects which are similar to your work.

Check following segments of completed work.

  1. Kitchen remodels

Look for cheap material and kitchen triangle. Look whether the stove, refrigerator, and sink are placed accordingly or not. Also, look like poor lighting and inadequate counter space.

  1. Bathrooms

Pay special attention to the stained floor, poor lighting, cheap material, and stains on walls to conclude your search.

  1. Tile work

Look for uneven surfaces, crooked tiles or lines on the tiles, and grout cracking.

  1. Paint

Look for cheap paints, imperfect lines, and edges, streaks, and splatters on the floor.


In the end, consider the price of the project according to your budget. After selecting few contractors, discuss with all of them a brief proposal and estimated cost. This is called a bid. Discuss the timeline of the project, quality and types of the material which they will use, and total cost of the project. Get a bid from the final list of good contractors and choose one of them who suits you based on budget, quality of work, timeline deadline, etc.

Special and careful analysis is needed for low-price bids because the lowest price is not always good when house remodeling is a matter. The difference in the prices of different contractors can be due to differences in the quality and price of the material. For example, kitchen cabinets made from wood are more expensive than prefab. But the major difference can be the finishing. So, analyze which proposal is best for you.

Signing the agreement

After choosing a contractor and accepted his bid the next step is to sign an agreement after making a draft. This contract includes many factors like timeline, quality of material to be used, cost, and more according to your project. Your project will be started after completion and the signing of the proposal between you and your home remodeling contractor.

Don’t accept the bid of the contractor and immediately sign the proposal because after all, you have to pay money. Some contractors will put some pressure to accept and sign the proposal by claiming that this price offer is for few days and will be no more available after a certain date. So, you have to think about every bid and proposal and take some time to decide. A good contract will give you time to analyze all aspects of bidding and proposal. If you reject their proposal after taking time then they will not mind rather welcome you graciously. Also, take time to review the draft of the proposal and don’t sign in a hurry. Review all details of the agreement before accepting and signing. After accepting and signing, the first check of the advance amount can be asked by the contractor.

Drafting the agreement can be difficult as it includes some technical and legal terms. It will be good to discuss with a lawyer the draft of the contract. On the other side, the contractor should also contact their lawyer to get advice. You can also get information about remodeling by clicking this.  

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