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Online Reputation Tips For Attorneys

Every business is started to earn profits, and that is often received as the ultimate “success” of that venture. However, in the modern world, many things have changed. A successful business is not just the one that has a great return on investment but also the one which has positioned itself very well in the minds of the customers. Well, that also needs to be prevalent so that more customers can be attracted to the business in the future. Customer “reviews” are very important because they add great amounts of sugar to a business’s profile.

 If you want to know some examples of how to ask clients for reviews, then visit the business websites of successful ventures to see how they project their business profiles online. Lawyers need to be cautious with their online reviews because that is something that greatly affects their business.

Let me navigate you towards some of the mainstream tips for attorneys to manage online reputation:

Clear vague rumors as soon as possible

You need to follow everything that is being written or said about you. This doesn’t mean that you start defending yourself online but rather learn from past mistakes. Some reviews can be of great help. If a customer has posted a bad review with something written that is a genuine mistake, then there is no harm in correcting it so that the mistake can be avoided in the future.

Request Feedback from customers after service

Don’t ping the customers in the middle of the night with e-mails and phone calls. It is better that you ask for a review as soon as a service has been rendered. However, your way of requesting feedback should be very simple and polite. Don’t make the customers go through a form that has several queries. Such forms only tend to piss the customers off, and then there are very high chances that the review will be based on a bias or a grudge.

Project positive reviews that cover the service

Not many people know about writing a review online. Don’t immediately project positive reviews on your website. Take out the ones that explain your service in a detailed manner and then project them on the website in a presentable way. If you quote the reviews on the site, then even customers will feel valued and thus will very likely spread a positive word of mouth regarding your business.

Never fight with a customer

This is a major issue which many companies run in. Instead of working on the negative reviews, they start arguing with clients online. If there has been a genuine mistake, then you should have the grace to acknowledge it. Lawyers need to walk the extra mile because there is a lot of competition in the commercial market. If not you then somebody else will take up the case readily.

Ask for a review when the customer is in a happy mood

Not everyone is going to be in a positive mood when you ask for reviews; therefore, it is better to wait for some time. You can place a call to the client during the morning or early in the afternoon and then ask about your services. If the client is in a happy mood, then that is the best time to jot down a review readily. However, if the client is in a bad mood, then your review might get ruined completely.


Lastly, don’t forget that the success of the business is very much coherent with customers perceiving it positively. If you want to garner a great reputation online, then it is better to cater to the customer's requirements in the best way possible.

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