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3 Ways a Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Baby's Safety

Parents want nothing more than to protect our children from all that’s bad in the world.

As much as we do to protect our precious little angels, accidents still happen, and injuries can occur. During those times, a lawyer may become your best friend.

If your child was injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault, a lawyer might be able to intervene and get you the proper compensation to care for your injured baby.

Here are three instances where they may be able to help: birth injuries, defective car seats, and crib injuries.

3 Ways a Lawyer Can Protect Your Baby

1.Birth Injuries

Thanks to modern medicine, the birthing process is far less dangerous than it used to be.

However, it can still be physically demanding for the mother and baby, even if everything goes well. Also, certain modern techniques intended to help make the process smoother can instead lead to severe birth injuries when executed incorrectly.

Further, when a physician does not succeed in diagnosing concerns about a newborn, the little one can suffer for the rest of his or her life. Though certain medical issues are unavoidable, there is no excuse for the accidents that were caused by incompetence or negligence.

For example, hypoxia is a birth injury that occurs when a newborn does not get enough oxygen in their brain. Hypoxia has many potential causes and can result in many cognitive difficulties for the child, such as organ damage, cerebral palsy, and challenges with motor control.

Other birth injuries that occur far too frequently because of negligence include Erb's palsy, spinal injuries, brain injuries, caput succedaneum, brachial plexus injury, neurological injuries, and broken bones.

It's crucial for victims and their families to be compensated for their struggle or loss. Since it can be challenging to ascertain whether or not medical carelessness has occurred, don't hesitate to find out if a birth injury attorney can help your family. Be careful and act fast; these types of cases are very time sensitive.

2. Defective Car Seats

In 2017, the National Safety Council found that car accidents took approximately 40,000 lives, and roughly 4.57 million individuals were hurt and required medical care because of a car crash.

Since car accidents are one of the highest causes of death and injury to kids in America, it's necessary for parents to take a closer look at how effective and protective car seats are.

Even if car seats are rated highly, occasionally defects arise like defective handles or adjusters, flammable material, poor construction, vulnerable frames, and faulty buckles or latches, to name a few.

Additional defects that can arise include inadequate pelvic protection, slack shoulder straps, an abrupt accident latch release, plastic part splitting, and not enough head protection.

Unfortunately, these types of defects can result in severe injuries for young people, including brain injury, back and spinal injury, burns, paralysis, limb loss, and even wrongful death.

If a child becomes injured or undergoes a wrongful death because of defective car seat construction, the car seat manufacturer is liable and should be held accountable.

Fortunately, parents don't have to go through this alone; a car seat lawyer can be a source of invaluable aid during these troubling times.

3. Crib Injuries

Cribs are another type of baby equipment that is frequently recalled.

The CPSC calculated that more than 11 million cribs and related products were recalled in a four-year period, which is why they suggest for parents to monitor the government’s list of crib recalls regularly.

If a faulty crib or a defective part caused a baby's injuries but was not officially recalled, the manufacturer can still be held responsible.

As long as it can be proven that a defect was responsible for the injury and the parents were using the crib properly when the child was injured, a liability suit should be pursued. Or, if the manufacturers did not provide an adequate warning about the potential dangers of use, they should be liable.

Crib defects can cause fatal instances of infant strangulation and suffocation. If the child lives, they still might suffer lifelong effects like cerebral palsy, brain damage, or inhibited learning capacity.

An experienced crib injury lawyer can help parents seek damages to cover suffering and pain, medical expenses, rehabilitation, potential loss of earning, and others.


In summary, parents of a child whose injury could have been avoided deserve compensation.

The medical professionals should be held accountable in order to prevent future mistakes for other patients. Those who are suffering need monetary easing to make up for the increased expenses associated with raising a little one who has a birth injury.

An experienced child safety attorney can be invaluable during this troubling time and can shed light on any negligence that took place and what steps you can take.

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