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List of diverse careers in the field of law

Many people view the law as a unified field aiming to solve people’s problems. But the law as a whole has many sub-divisions just like medical and any other professional field. If you are currently studying law, there are various paths that you can choose to excel in. this can also benefit you if you are not a current student but are planning to opt for it as a career, you can make your research on the fields and find what path are you most interested in. this will help you pick a direction from the very start of your studies.

Mentioned below are some major branches of law that can be opted as a career.

Bankruptcy lawyer

This field deals with the financial situation of its clients. In this case, your client is not necessarily an individual. Big companies and corporations also face such situations where they have to tackle many bankruptcy situations for which they hire a lawyer.

In this field, you will come across clients that might have taken a debt and now want to negotiate the payment fees and other issues as per the requirement of the client. Many examples can be taken from the past two years where the coronavirus has massively affected many big and small businesses which have also led many to such bankruptcy situations.

Environmental lawyer

Environmental lawyers have a responsibility related to the natural environment around us. With the development of science and advancement in different industries, people started ignoring the natural boundaries and laws they need to comply with. Therefore, a special field of law related to the environment was made to protect the natural habitat both for animals and humans.

This law restricts people from making toxic wastes and hazardous smokes to be exposed in public properties such as rivers and other water bodies. To defend such cases, an environmental lawyer is required to lead the case. Not only in this scenario, but in a situation in any other law category where some policies or decisions are being made, and the environmental lawyer may be called to express his views keeping in mind the natural legal boundaries.

Personal injury lawyer

These lawyers deal with the cases where people hurt themselves intentionally or unintentionally and make a fair decision. Other than personal acts, sometimes medical malpractice is also reported where a doctor’s negligence or wrong treatment either damaged a person in some way or led to death.

A personal injury lawyer is also needed in a situation where a person’s medical condition arises due to the work environment or conditions. In such situations, employees usually seek benefits in either monetary for or other facilities, or they file a case to improve the work conditions. Medical conditions can also occur from using some toxic chemicals in the form of consumer products etc. all these cases are usually dealt with by a personal injury lawyer.

Property lawyer

Real estate is also a common matter of dispute among citizens. Property lawyer deals with issues and disputes related to property. They also deal with fraud cases. In some situations, when people are buying, mortgaging, selling, or renting out their property, they hire a legal advisor to make sure every step complies with the legal requirements of the country.

A property lawyer is also considered when a person doubts that his intellectual property is being misused by other people. All these situations need a professional advisor that guides how to come out of the situation according to the property laws of the country.

Military lawyer

Military lawyers are responsible for handling military-related issues. This means that all the clients of such lawyers are military employees or military retired people. Also, these cases are not handled in civil courts. Separate military courts are made to deal with military cases so that all issues remain within the military people and civilians are not involved. Though some cases may include civil people which are allowed to attend the court, cases if filed by a military person, are not taken to civil courts.

Retired military people also hire these lawyers to demand some facilities or basic claims to which they are entitled to. Military lawyers are therefore aware of the law related to the army or military, which is usually a bit different from the law implemented on the civil side.

Family lawyer

A family lawyer deals with the issues in a family. Mostly the cases filed under these lawyers are related to divorce. Both partners hire their family lawyers which negotiate and final decisions based on the requirements and decisions of their client.

This lawyer is responsible for dividing the property and other assets among the couple and also deals with child custody. In this regard, sometimes one of the parents, usually the mother, files a case for their children to get financial and other support plans according to their rights offered by the state.

This field also deals with adoption and other categories which involve family dynamics and relations. Some cases do not need a family lawyer or a court trial, but it is better to seek legal guidance whether it is better to file a case or not.

Criminal lawyer

Criminal lawyers are the people who defend the accused. They are hired by criminals and other people who are either in jail or are accused of some charges. It is a tricky challenge to be a criminal lawyer as you need to find information from the case file and pick evidence and reasonings from it to make your stance stronger in the court.

In many cases, criminals are not completely freed, if the evidence is too strong against them and their error is unforgivable. But if the lawyer is strong, experienced, and has good skills, then there are chances that the punishment is reduced magnifically. Even death sentence cases are turned into jail time for some criminals.

Also, if someone is wrongly accused and wants to plead his case, a criminal lawyer helps all accused and deals with their cases well. This process used to be a trivial task as one does not know which lawyer to appoint for himself and many times, the accused cannot visit law firms and find a suitable person for him. To assist this process, these firms have opened their online platforms and are also offering free consultancy in many cases. San Diego Criminal Lawyer and other such professional firms are present to ensure your interaction with quality lawyers.

Employment lawyer

Employment is also a source of many problems these days. The designated field of law deals with employment cases. These cases include many problems such as workplace harassment which was common previously, but many steps have been taken by the government to reduce this problem. Other than that, wage and medical issues or termination and joining of a job are also included in the types of cases this kind of lawyer deals with.

Some workplaces have a difficult environment that is either physically or emotionally damaging to the individual. In this case, people file cases either against the company or the authority to improve the environment or provide benefits and facilities for their suffering.

Retirement plans and other amnesties offered by the workplace are a right of the employee. Many such cases are also filed where companies either force the employees to work overtime or do not pay them according to the work. Privacy rights are also violated by some workplaces which are reported commonly.

Immigration lawyer

Immigration lawyers deal with immigration problems and procedures. They help people gain visas for business or visit purposes when they can’t. Also, some people need to move their businesses abroad which is a trivial task to do by themselves. An immigration lawyer can deal with it easily and make sure that every step is documented. Since this involves more than a single country, paperwork is very important to be kept as evidence which is difficult to maintain by a person himself. An immigration lawyer can also handle all the paperwork and take care of every legal step.

Civil rights lawyer

Civil rights refer to the rights that every citizen gets from his country. The civil lawyer deals with these issues and protects people against harassment and other civil rights violations. Personal privacy is also included in this category.

This category has many different areas of practice as civil rights is a wide range of laws ranging from discrimination to refugee protection. These lawyers also help in making sure that all people are getting every facility according to their age group. For instance, voting is allowed for every person above 18. A civil rights lawyer will make sure that no person is intentionally kicked out from the voting ist except for some official government or law decision.


Law is a diverse field containing many categories and types of areas ranging from domestic law to employment rights. There are many responsibilities of a lawyer based on their field. Most of these law firms are also present online form where you can get an idea of how to represent yourself and hire a lawyer as a civilian.

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