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Importance of law, criminal law, and criminal lawyers

Law is an important part of everyone’s life not only to bound them to legal boundaries, but also to protect them and their rights from being violated. It is a common observation that countries that do not respect their law and regulations, end up with a mess in the country where no one is following any rules and every person feels himself out of the boundary of law.

One can also say that law determines the success of a nation as it gives a code of conduct to follow upon which all the country agrees. Law is a big part of the necessities of a country. No country can last even a day without their law. Many other religious and political forums divide the citizens by race or nationality or religion, but the law holds all citizens on one page.

With the passage of time, laws and their types have changed a lot. Many fields of the law were not present initially but were introduced later. This means that with the advancements in different fields such as technology, business, environment, new needs of law emerged which led to the creation of many laws and fields.

Importance of law

The importance of law can also be called the duties or functions of law. These are the duties that the law holds towards society.

Defend from evil

Law restricts certain acts which are done to provide security to other people. This means that the law serves as a shield for people against wrongdoers or evil people. For instance, a very basic law can be not to fire openly in public or not use a gun at all without a license. There will be a ton of other rules and laws for this category that make sure that no one is hurt from anyone’s mere enjoyment material. You can observe this in developing countries as well that much such law is violated every day, making it a hurdle for government to focus on the development side or training of the nation.

This does not mean that people only follow the law when cameras are around or when police officers or such people are watching over them. As responsible citizens, people must follow what their code says without having to force someone to enforce the laws practically.

Making society a better place

One of the very important duties that the law holds towards society is the accountability of wrongdoers. If the law does not bring justice to people, people get frustrated and do not see the point of following the law at all when it cannot fulfill their rights.

So, the law must be completely in action and fulfill people’s rights as well. This also prevents people from taking law into their own hands as when people do not get justice served, they go for making the evil suffer by their own hands, making themselves lie in the category of evil themselves.

Resolve disputes

Law has been serving as a basis for solving disputes and fights for a very long time ago. This means that the law did not always have all resources or evidence sources like cameras and other gadgets, but still, the law was used to resolve the matter based on available resources. This means that even if a situation comes where you do not have many resources or evidence to follow, you have to take the case to a justified end.

This becomes a great responsibility on the lawyers as they have to make a decision fairly based on the file in front of them which may or may not have many resources.

Protect rights and liberties

One of the very main duties of law is to make sure no one violates the rights and liberties of a person, be it another citizen or a company, or even the government in some cases. Nowadays many cases related to the workplace also pop up once in a while that companies make people work overtime or pay less, this is also an example of a violation of the rights of the employee.

Making a strict law provides a benchmark for every person to act according to a single code of conduct.

Criminal law

There are a lot of sub-divisions of law that are all equally important according to their roles but criminal law is one of the most difficult and important practice areas of law that determines the fate of many trouble makers from the society.

How criminal law works?

Though criminal law suggests many punishments and laws regarding every misconduct that a person or an organization makes, still there are ways a criminal can be shown guilty and can decrease the extremity of the punishment he gets.

Criminal law believes that every person must be held accountable for his or her actions so that no other person gets motivated by seeing this behaviour and gets involved in such activities. When people see a person get his deserved punishment, it discourages them and helps to decrease the rate of crimes in the community.

Aims of criminal law do not stop here. The law believes that only hanging the people and making the criminals complete their jail tenure is not enough. Once they get out, they might be even more frustrated and commit heinous crimes or they might not change at all. Therefore, another goal of criminal law is to change the mindset of the criminal and make him turn into a better person so that he can also be counted as an esteemed member of the country.

This also helps the government in being hopeful that most of the criminals they catch will not attempt to make the same mistake again. Overall punishments granted from criminal lawyers include death sentences, banishments, and prison sentences. Though physical remand and physical tortures are also a part of the options in punishment, many countries have cancelled them out due to human rights. 

Banishment is also a rarely preferred option as the mindset of a criminal cannot be changed by just changing the set of people he interacts with. Still, it works in some cases hence it is not banned or discouraged. Another way of adjusting the victim is a monetary payment. Sometimes, both parties agree upon some financial payment that can be made to compensate either the loss of life or as an adjustment to a criminal act.

Importance and benefits of hiring criminal lawyers

There are many cases when people do not consider it to be important to hire a criminal lawyer from the side of the oppressor as there are no chances for him. This is a completely false myth that needs to be eliminated. Criminals, if falsely accused or guilty or any other case can hire a criminal lawyer and plead their case.

There are many benefits to hiring a legal criminal lawyer such as:

Professional experience

Criminal lawyers usually have a lot of experience in their fields and have dealt with many cases in their careers. This can be a great advantage for you as they might have come across a case similar to or even worse than yours. This means that they can easily take benefit of the evidence and other points from your case and make your case strong.

Hiring a professional and experienced lawyer will help you increase the chances of winning your case and prove yourself. They will also have many relations with other lawyers which can help them get more professional advice on your issue as well.

Knowledge of legal procedure

A criminal lawyer will have the knowledge essential for fighting your case which you might not be able to do by yourself. There are different levels of authorities involved in the process such as judges, lawyers, and other parties involved which a person by himself cannot tackle easily. Therefore, a criminal lawyer can save you from this hassle and tackle the case himself.


In such a situation, a person might not be able to keep up with documentation and everything required which can cause trouble in the long run, as everything that you deal with in the case must be well-documented so that you can show it as proof if required.

Proper advice

A person going through such a troublesome phase where he or she is also emotionally very tense can lead to a situation where you need to make a decision but cannot figure it out by yourself, then you need an expert to help you with the problem. In today’s era, this is not a trivial task to look for a professional criminal lawyer as many online platforms such as Sacramento Criminal Lawyer provide their services online, from where you can save the time and cost of traveling.

They might even help you to save yourself from additional charges and payments in the long run.


Law is a great blessing that keeps the system going and it can also prevent major immoralities from getting into the community if the law is obeyed well.

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