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Best Criminal Defense Strategies Used by Criminal Lawyer Firm

When your criminal defense lawyer learns more about what the prosecutor intends to do in your case, the criminal defense strategy of your indictment will appear. If the prosecutor provides a story about the defendant at the scene, the lawyer may ask different questions and take the defendant elsewhere. In addition, the way defendants behave in criminal cases and the way they answer prosecutors’ questions can also change criminal defense strategies.

 The best defense strategy in a criminal case by Law Offices of Fountain & Hattersley appears when the defendant and the defense lawyer tell a true story and present the defendant in the best way. The indictment, even a statement of innocence.

 8 key factors that determine the best defense strategy:

  • the defendant’s explanation, what happened, the reason, and the credibility.
  • Testimony and reliability of testimony.
  • Verifiable facts and evidence.
  • Police report, error, and accuracy.
  • Expert opinions and testimony from experts and third parties.
  • Criminal elements required for prosecution and evidence in Article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
  • The strategy and history of the Office of the Prosecutor.
  • Judicial precedents and the judge's story.

 The job of a Pasadena Criminal Lawyer is to choose the best criminal defense strategy after considering the facts and circumstances of the case.

 Every case is unique, and the best criminal lawyers weigh all factors to formulate the case theory and the most likely successful criminal defense strategy.

 When formulating defense strategies, defense lawyer firms such as the Law Offices of Fountain & Hattersley will consider the reliability of the prosecution and defense witnesses, the public's attitudes towards crimes and the accused, and the nature of the prosecution's evidence. An important ethical rule is that defense lawyers cannot deliberately encourage or assist the defendant to swear to lie (in other words, give false testimony). Is standing.


Defense lawyer’s deportation or removal strategy:

 False identity:

 People with false ID cards are more common than you think. Misidentification of witnesses is one of the main reasons for false accusations. This happens when a person’s description is similar to that of a criminal, and when witnesses believe that someone has committed a crime based on the circumstances, or try to accuse another person of committing a crime.

 Talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer today:

 Arrest and conviction can change everything. Fines or imprisonment is an urgent issue, but conviction also means having a criminal record, which can make it difficult to find work and accommodation. If you are arrested or found under investigation, the first thing you should do is to contact an experienced Pasadena Criminal Lawyer. You can search the Law Offices of Fountain & Hattersley to find a local criminal lawyer who can defend your rights. Your choice and help you find the best way to continue to establish protection and limit possible penalties.

 Develop a defense strategy:

 The final defense strategy will be based on the defendant's version of the event, but no matter which of the three general categories he belongs to, it will be different. It considers factors such as the reliability of prosecution and defense witnesses, public attitudes towards crime and police, and the defendant’s "moral guilt". Pasadena Criminal Lawyer use these factors to formulate a "case theory" corresponding to the facts to be proved and explain the process in a way that is conducive to the defense.

 Provide useful evidence:

 Criminal defense lawyers will provide evidence such as testimony and police. Another strategy that lawyers will use is to ensure that clients understand all their legal rights.

 The defense lawyer makes sure to explain the entire defense procedure to his client so that he fully understands all the procedures he may follow so that he knows what to say, how to act, and how to act. What arguments should be presented in court?

 Unreliable witness:

In some cases, claiming that a witness or informant is not trustworthy is another promising defense strategy. The judge or jury can decide whether to trust the witness. If the lawyer can refute the witness or accuse him of lying, the judge/jury will do so. I can't believe what he said.

 If the police use informants, your lawyer may question the reliability of the informant. Although the police may use informers, the first thing the police should consider is people they can trust and people they should pay close attention to when working for the police. In this case, your Pasadena criminal defense attorney can challenge the whistleblower's use.

No suspicion or probable cause:

 The Pasadena Criminal Lawyer may argue that the police officer who arrested or arrested the suspect had no reasonable suspicion or probable cause to justify the arrest. Tend to believe that the defendant is guilty and has no other evidence of a crime.

 innocence defense:

 Of the four most commonly used strategies to avoid criminal offenses, the innocence defense is the most common. Since litigation is often described as a battle between prosecution and defense, the other party will try to refute the other party by providing a series of evidence.

 This strategy of Law Offices of Fountain & Hattersley will automatically work when the defendant claims to have been wrongly accused of prosecuting him; if both parties provide an alibi, the court will favor the strongest party. For example, when a CCTV recording of a particular store confirms the receipt, the defendant can be taken away from the crime scene.


 This happens when the government or law enforcement forces a person to commit a crime he or she would not commit. The police officer's ability to persuade or mislead the defendant was not illegal. Or it is necessary for justice, science, or other legal fields. However, deception is often difficult to prove because the police can give the suspect a chance to commit a crime without deceiving.


This is a defensive strategy, and you can use it if you can show it to the referee. The correct definition of insanity is that someone "cannot distinguish between good and bad", but proving this in court is much more difficult than you think. Facial repair, not treatment.


 Self-defense is a defensive measure against criminals, mainly used for attacks or attacks, and sometimes also for murder. In self-defense, the defendant claimed to have injured or killed the victim in order to protect his life from the threat of the victim.

 Although the film describes self-defense as a simple and direct defense against crime, it is actually much more difficult to successfully execute defense. The defense must prove that there is incredible danger or danger, and can justify the defendant's use of excessive or lethal force.

Well prepared:

 The final part of your strategy with Pasadena Criminal Lawyer is to prepare your case. Remember, your criminal defense lawyer is your defense lawyer. This means that he or she can consider how best to criticize the evidence provided by the prosecutor and provide evidence in your favor to help prepare your case for the jury. The preparation may include evidence and illustrations, testimony, or in some cases your own testimony. Your lawyer can help you decide whether to testify and if so, your lawyer can help you prepare to testify.

 Find out where you are going to school:

 When you try to find a lawyer to help you fight charges, first find out which law school they are attending. It will not be difficult to find it. It also provides you with a lot of information about the quality of the lawyers you want to work with.

 Ideally, try to work with lawyers who have attended a recognized law school; however, it is unwise to ignore lawyers who have attended a smaller university. They may have other credentials suitable for you.

 Cooperation with law firms:

 When someone hires a Pasadena Criminal Lawyer for a law firm, they are not just hiring a lawyer; when a company hires one person, you really have the experience and knowledge of everyone working for the company. This person can work with other lawyers in the Law Offices of Fountain & Hattersley; you can discuss cases with each other to gain new ideas and insights for formulating the best defense strategy. What the client really gets is the experience of every lawyer in the entire firm.

 In addition, hiring a lawyer in a law firm includes other resources available to the law firm, including contact with experts or contacts in any government or specific jurisdiction. A practitioner can do this.

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