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Key Questions to Ask a Lawyer

Recent statistics show that there are over 1.3 million lawyers operating in the United States, each specializing in their own areas of expertise and offering their services to people from all walks of life in need of assistance. There are many different situations when you might need to call on the services of a law firm. Perhaps you've gotten a DUI, been charged with a criminal offense,... ❯❯❯

How we can Migrate Shared Mailboxes to Microsoft Exchange Online

I frequently get questions from customers on how to migrate shared mailboxes to Exchange Online and which points they should make before doing so. For this reason, I decided to write a dedicated blog on this subject. What do we exactly mean by Shared Mailbox & SharePoint Data Migration? A shared mailbox is used to transmit and accept email from a common account. A shared mailbox is open for... ❯❯❯

What To Do If You Feel You Have Been Unfairly Dismissed

While there are many reasons that you can rightfully be terminated from your job, there are also a lot of situations where a dismissal can be deemed to be unfair. Generally speaking, if your dismissal was harsh, unjust or unreasonable, it was not a genuine redundancy case, or if you are employed by a small business, and your dismissal was not consistent with the Small Business Fair Dismissal... ❯❯❯

Is Divorce Always the Solution?

It can be easy to blame your spouse or your relationship, as a whole, when you feel unhappy in your life. But before contemplating divorce, it is important to fully examine whether going through this permanent legal process is the right choice. In fact, divorce is not a quick fix for the problems within yourself. It is also easy to have overly high expectations for a marriage or spouse. You... ❯❯❯

The Steps to Take if You've Been Arrested for an Impaired Driving Offence

Impaired driving charges are very serious and the steps you take after you've been arrested can make a big difference in the consequences you might have to face. If you do the right thing, there is still a chance that you can have the case thrown out or reduce the penalties. If you do the wrong thing, however, you could end up in more trouble. Let's take a look at what you should do after getting... ❯❯❯

Four Ways to Get Through the Pain of a Divorce

Some may argue that the pain that comes from the death of a relationship is worse than the pain from actual death. This is because while death is final, the end of a relationship leaves you knowing your former partner is alive with someone else. When a couple enters a marriage, they have many hopes and dreams for their future, but a divorce symbolizes the death of all those dreams. That can be... ❯❯❯

10 Tips For Safer Driving and Fewer Accidents

Regardless of how long you've been driving, there is always something to learn and ways to improve. This site will help you to find the best insurance, however decrease the chances of having to claim by becoming a better driver. Here are some of the best road safety tips that you should utilize to become a safer and better driver. Only Driver If You're Feeling Well This may seem like... ❯❯❯

Preparative steps to take to prove your case of wrongful termination

Knowing the employment laws framework should help employees understand how far they can proceed with a case of wrongful termination. Understanding the law will help to ascertain correctly that it is indeed a wrongful act by the employer. Termination of employment is a sensitive use that stirs the victim's strong emotions who feels that the employer is wrong, but this might not always be the case.... ❯❯❯

How to get the lowest rates on lawsuit loans

This article provides injured plaintiffs with actionable tips to help them seek better rates and terms on lawsuit loans. A full version of this lawsuit loan comparison guide is available here. Why we wrote this The pre-settlement funding industry has grown massively over the last decade. Unfortunately, regulation has not kept pace. Pre-settlement lawsuit loans for injured plaintiffs are great... ❯❯❯

The 7 Types of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can happen anywhere – in a nursing home, a long-term care facility or even at home. It can occur at the hands of a beloved family member, a friend, or a caregiver. About one in ten people over the age of sixty have experienced some form of elder abuse, and an estimated one to two million Americans over the age of 65 have experienced elder abuse or neglect by the same people they... ❯❯❯