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Things You Must Do Before You File For Divorce

No matter how you look at it, divorce is hard. In the best-case scenario, you and your partner have talked through your decision to separate seemingly a million times. The marriage is now officially called off, but what is the next step? There is more to filing for divorce than presenting your complaint to the court. Here are a few things you should do before you file for divorce. Be Certain... ❯❯❯

Essentials of Workers’ Compensation

Unless you work for yourself or for a very small company, chances are good that you’re covered under your employer’s workers’ comp policy while you’re working. That means that if you’re injured at work, your medical bills and wages should be covered under the policy. But coverage doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to make a full recovery and to get the... ❯❯❯

What Is an Elder Law Attorney? Signs You Need to Hire One Now

As a senior, you certainly have a different life and different needs than you did as a younger person. Your age has an impact on many aspects of your life. You probably see a different doctor, exercise differently, even how you socialize is different. You don't have the same worries you had in your younger years of career building, marriage, and raising a family. Your legal needs are probably... ❯❯❯

The Five Most Common Forms of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice arises when a doctor, healthcare professional, or hospital injures a patient through negligent actions or omissions. Negligence in medical malpractice may be in the form of mistakes in diagnosis, treatment, or health management. Medical malpractice is a sub-category of personal injury but with a specific application to the healthcare industry. Here's a look at the five common... ❯❯❯

The Top Practice Areas for Aspiring Attorneys

The field of law is an exciting career path that involves building knowledge and making a change in society. For those who have chosen to join the legal industry as aspiring attorneys, there are many different practice areas to explore. Some lawyers represent clients in resolving tax debt, while others use their knowledge of the law to smoothly transfer assets (of an estate) to beneficiaries. ... ❯❯❯

Understanding The Cost of Lawyer Fees and How To Control Your Legal Expenses

Image from unsplash The price of a lawyer may vary based on fee programs, flat rate vs. hourly, retainer vs. contingency, along with a quote of their entire cost dependent on the instance. However, if you should confront a legal dilemma, dealing with a lawyer is very beneficial and may impact the end result of the circumstance. Before choosing a lawyer, you should speak to her or him regarding... ❯❯❯

Understanding Car Crash Injuries and How To Avoid Them

Image from unsplash Whether you reside in Halifax or are here on a break, a sudden injury can cause debilitating injuries that impact you for years and weeks. Some kinds of injuries are common at motor vehicle collisions. Whenever you are hurt in an auto collision, you'll want to work by having an experienced accident lawyer to assemble a guarantee for retrieval. The compensation awarded is... ❯❯❯

Legal Aid 101: Must-Know Tips Before Hiring A Lawyer

Image from unsplash A healthy attorney-client relationship is paramount when you are involved with a legal dispute--and most customers who participate actively in resolving their legal issues are somewhat more satisfied with the results. Here you'll find tips that can allow you to hire and work with an attorney. Whenever you have a legal problem, you will need information. Legal novels written... ❯❯❯

5 Important Interview Questions When Hiring Lawyers

Attorneys may frequently offer a complimentary or very cheap consultation to go over the specifics of your position and provide you a chance to ask some simple questions concerning this lawyer. This article must not just assist you in selecting whether to move forward with an attorney generally speaking, but also if you ought to go with that attorney. If you decide to employ the attorney, you will... ❯❯❯

How COVID-19 Affected Personal Injury Laws and Claims

COVID-19 did not only take a heavy toll on public health and health, but its adverse effect was also felt in the business sector. Apart from the tourism, hospitality, and food industry that were greatly impacted by the economic decline and recession caused by the pandemic, the law industry, and personal injury claims have also changed to cope with it. Most personal injury claims are based on car... ❯❯❯