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Do You Know How the Lemon Law Protects You?

Do You Know How the Lemon Law Protects You?The Lemon law was created in 1984 to provide additional protection to individuals and companies that buy new or previous used automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, RVs and boats too. The idea of the law is that it restricts how many times a manufacturer can attempt a repair unsuccessfully before having to accept that the vehicle isn’t repairable to an acceptable condition. Without the law, consumers... ❯❯❯

Domestic assault in Canada

In Canada, assault charges involve the use of force against an individual and can even include threatening to use force. These cases can include pushing, hitting or poking or even a simple gesture implying harm with no physical contact. If it makes the other person feel in danger, there could be a case for assault. Domestic assault is a unique charge that alleges force was used on someone in... ❯❯❯

There is no Simple Accident: 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Lawyer to Handle Your Car Accident Case

Being involved in a car accident is a distressing time, whether it was through no fault of your own or not. Knowing whether you are entitled to compensation is probably the last thing on your mind as you try to piece together the events that led to the collision. Nevertheless, even if the accident is a straightforward, open and shut case, you’ll need to hire a lawyer or accident attorney to set... ❯❯❯

Legal Considerations to Make About Renting a Room in Your Home

Renting out a spare room in your home is a great way to bring in extra income while providing someone with a place to live. Before you proceed, it’s a good idea to talk with a legal expert like Suzzanne Uhland so you know just what you’re getting into and what you should think about from a legal POV. Familiarize Yourself With the Laws in Your Area Do yourself a favor and find out what the laws... ❯❯❯

Some Common Sources of Asbestos Exposure

The word “asbestos” refers to six minerals with thin, long fibers. These minerals come from soil and rocks. This sounds harmless enough, but asbestos can cause a multitude of health issues, some of which can be fatal. While it is most famous for causing mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, it also causes many cases of lung cancer and a variety of other health issues. Despite its... ❯❯❯

Professions at Risk for Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos exposure can be deadly. The tiny, long fibers that make up asbestos can stay in the lungs for years after being inhaled. These fibers are the only known cause of mesothelioma, a rare but deadly cancer, and they can cause other serious illnesses as well. Unfortunately, members of certain professions are at a high risk for asbestos exposure. Because of this, members of these professions... ❯❯❯

Finding the Best Attorney for your Assault Case

Most assault cases stem from conflicts between individuals who know each other well – including spousal relationships. This is why assault can be such a confusing and sensitive issue. Because of the complexities involved in the law, it is recommended you have someone represent you to ensure you will not face the charges alone and be left with an unwanted criminal record. When it comes to assault... ❯❯❯

What to Know before Applying for a Patent

What to Know before Applying for a PatentA patent can protect an invention and allows inventors to take the necessary legal action against anyone who sells, uses or imports the invention without permission. If you have just invented a new device or something that has never existed and can be made or used, you can be granted a patent. However, the process is not easy. It can even be expensive. It pays to know everything you need to know... ❯❯❯

Don‘t Feel Helpless: Seek Help from Burn Injury Claim Experts

Don‘t Feel Helpless: Seek Help from Burn Injury Claim ExpertsIf you have suffered from skin burns due to laser hair removal or other forms of cosmetic surgery, you might feel very emotional. You feel the pain of what happened to your skin. You also feel anger because you trusted the practitioners to do the job and they caused you harm instead. Most of all, you might feel helpless. This is true especially if you are not that wealthy and you have to pay for... ❯❯❯

Cosmetic Surgery Gone Bad? File a Legal Complaint

Cosmetic Surgery Gone Bad? File a Legal ComplaintThere are two sides to cosmetic surgery – it can enhance and it can mar. Countless men and women have had cosmetic surgery and there is much evidence that such procedures work. Still, we also learn of several horror stories about cosmetic surgery that went bad. Even with modern instruments and procedures, cosmetic surgery comes with some risks, such as organ or nerve damage, implant failure,... ❯❯❯

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