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6 Things You Must Do After an Accident at Work

An accident at work is not something that any of us ever really want to think about, but it is, nonetheless, necessary to know what we should do if such a thing does indeed happen. Keep the following in mind as it just might end up saving lives and will help you to manage the situation in the best possible way.

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Assess the Situation and Your injuries

After you have been injured, it is important to first assess the extent of your injury if you are lucid, because it will let you determine the next course of action.

Seek Help

Even if it feels minor, at least seek help from the nurse or the first-aider on site and have them take a look.

Inform Everyone

If there was no one around you during the accident, make sure you inform your colleagues and immediate superior/manager about the accident. If there’s an accident book, note the incident down in there, or ask someone else to do so on your behalf if you are unable to.

Seek Medical Help

If the extent of the injury is serious enough, seek immediate emergency medical help or tell your colleagues to call 9-1-1. Even if your injuries seem minor, you should still seek medical help as soon as you can because not all severe injuries are felt at the time and you will need to have the documentation to support your cause in case you decide to make a claim later on.

Call Your Lawyer

You want a personal injury lawyer to handle such a situation and guide you, especially if your injuries are grave enough to warrant a lawsuit, and you are sure that managerial negligence is at fault here. If your workplace happens to be in Colorado, call the Colorado Springs Law Firm, also known as Greenlaw Firm and they will guide you regarding what to do next and help you determine whether you have a winning case on your hands or not. Always remember that unless you speak to a personal injury attorney, you will never know whether you have a case for sure, because US personal injury law can be very tricky.

Collect Evidence

A personal injury lawyer should guide you through this during your initial call, but it is still practical to at least know what you should be doing in general. Simply instruct one of your colleagues to take multiple photos and videos of the accident site and your injuries, if you can’t do it yourself. That is pretty much the general idea here, but more specific guidance might be provided by your legal aide.

If you are someone who witnessed the accident, and the injured individual is not conscious or worse, be the savior and take the above steps for him/her.

Every year, thousands of workers get severely injured or even pass away at construction sites, manufacturing plants, warehouses and various other types of potentially dangerous workplaces in the US, so it is important to take all the necessary safety precautions to prevent this from happening. Grim as such a thought might be, being prepared for a scenario where those safety precautions might not be enough is also just as necessary.

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