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7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Inquiry Lawyer

Personal injury accidents happen all the time. The National Center for Health Statistics states that approximately 31 million Americans are injured every year to the extent of needing medical treatment.  Out of these, 2 million cases are severe to warrant hospitalization with about 162,000 of the severe cases being fatal.

Common personal injury cases include construction accidents, traffic accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, and dog bites.

When you turn into a victim of a personal injury, the next best thing is to seek justice. This is of course if someone else is to blame for it. While this move may not restore your body to your original state, it may help you clear medical bills and get your life moving along.

A personal injury claim isn’t complete without an injury lawyer. A good attorney will help you get compensated after an accident. Unfortunately, not all of them are worth your money. You have to go the extra mile to get the best one. This is why today, we give you seven important questions to ask your personal injury attorney before hiring them.

1. What is your area of specialization?

To get all the benefits you deserve out of personal injury claim, you cannot afford to work with a general attorney. Focus on the one that is experienced and skilled in cases like yours. This way, you’ll land on a lawyer with extensive knowledge regarding processes and laws relating to your injury case.

2. Will you be able to handle my case if it goes to court?

Research has shown that around 4-5% of personal injury claims in the U.S. make it to court. The rest are always settled pretrial. Although the number of cases that proceed to court is significantly lower than those that don’t, your injury lawyer should be prepared for anything. Injury lawyers are known for bailing out on their clients once negotiations go south.

3. How many injury cases have you handled before?

This is another pertinent question to bring it up with an injury attorney before hiring them. It is obvious that lawyers who have handled plenty of injury cases in the past have better knowledge and experience and therefore should be prioritized. Apart from knowledge, they can estimate the amount that should be given for a majority of claims.

4. Who will you assign to handle my case?

If you plan on working with a huge team of injury attorneys, you might want to know who in particular will be assigned to work on your case. It may or may not be the person you speak with. If it is not, you might want to familiarize yourself with them and test their expertise as well.

5. What is your cut from the compensation amount

Most injury attorneys charge a contingency fee which refers to a percentage of your recovered amount. Although this percentage is regulated by the Supreme Court, some legal firms can take advantage of client ignorance. It is, therefore, a good idea to know what to expect upfront.

6. How many cases are you dealing with currently?

A personal injury attorney, for the most part, takes on too many cases ultimately compromising their effectiveness. Check if yours has a full plate and if so, you are better off taking a walk.

7. How long will you take to resolve my case?

Finally, you must inquire about the overall time period your case will take. This includes court sessions, negotiations, and roaming time.

You know you’ve landed on a good attorney if they answer all your questions with a high level of wit and professionalism. If you are ever in need of a credible, reliable and result-oriented injury attorney, Maryland Injury Lawyer will always be happy to take care of you. This law firm is a dream and will ensure you truly get what you deserve.

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