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Should I Contact a Car Accident Lawyer?

Should I Contact a Car Accident Lawyer? When you've just got into a car accident, the last thing you're thinking about is hiring a lawyer. Your first priorities are to make sure nobody is seriously hurt, ensure other drivers are safe, call your insurance, and record the damage that was done. But there are many good reasons why calling a lawyer should be added to the list.  When You Need an Attorney  If you, the passengers,... ❯❯❯

Ohio OVI/DUI Charges Facts

OVI/DUI Offenses OVI/DUI offenses are extremely serious and must not be taken lightly. Essentially, the terms are synonymous and refer to the operation of a vehicle (ORC §4511.01) while impaired. Definitions and penalties are defined in ORC § 4511.19. The process of assessing your rights begins not when the officer requests that you walk in a straight line, but how much intake of... ❯❯❯

8 Signs That You Hired A Good Criminal Defense Attorney?

8 Signs That You Hired A Good Criminal Defense Attorney? Being accused of a crime is one of the most stressful problems, not only mentally but it can strain you emotionally and physically. Convicted or not, but just imagining a scenario of you or your loved ones behind bars can be a nightmare to everyone. Nobody wants to go to prison and freedom is a common factor among all people in every nation.  Getting charged for a crime is devastating and... ❯❯❯

Why You Should Get a DUI Attorney

Why You Should Get a DUI Attorney Going to jail because you were driving intoxicated will not go well with your future, your reputation will be tarnished, your career will be in peril. These situations are the consequences that you have to face when you are pulled over and fail the drunk test. When you are in this position, it will take its toll on you. In these cases, you can turn to a DUI Attorney, here are more reasons to... ❯❯❯

The most common questions asked about wrongful death lawsuits

Death is a natural part of life. However, when a loved one’s death was caused by the negligible actions of someone else, then it’s even harder to comprehend and accept. When you and your family are faced with the injustice of having your loved one taken from you so suddenly and so needlessly, then you’re faced with all kinds of issues. Primarily, grief and coming to terms with... ❯❯❯

Your Ohio Criminal Defense Expert Is a Call or a Click Away

In a populous region like Ohio, it can be daunting to embark on the search for an experienced criminal defense attorney. Particularly when you are the focus of a criminal investigation or, worse, if you have been charged with a crime, you require immediate assistance. “Where do I start?” you ask. You may want to look within your inner circle of family and friends for a recommendation... ❯❯❯

Illegal Manufacture/Cultivation of Drugs In Ohio: Definitions and Penalties

The illegal manufacture/cultivation of drugs in the state of Ohio is governed by ORC § 2925.04, which provides, in pertinent part: “No person shall knowingly cultivate marijuana or knowingly manufacture or otherwise engage in any part of the production of a controlled substance.” The essence of the crime is the “knowing” cultivation of marijuana or manufacture of... ❯❯❯

Having Weapons While Under a Disability In Ohio

ORC § 2923.13 prohibits the ownership, acquisition, or use of firearms under certain “disabling” conditions, as follows: (A) Unless relieved from disability under operation of law or legal process, no person shall knowingly acquire, have, carry, or use any firearm or dangerous ordnance, if any of the following apply:  (1) The person is a fugitive from justice. (2) The... ❯❯❯

When You Need a Lawyer in Personal Injury Claims

Legal rules are complex in case of personal injury claims; therefore, if you face any injury, you may need a competent lawyer who can understand your case and its severity. Insurance companies usually ask a lawyer from your side to solve the matter. An experienced and skilled personal injury lawyer can help you in getting your compensation and save from the threat of the insurance company. ... ❯❯❯

Understanding Why a Personal Injury Lawsuit Will Not Wreck Your Finances Even If You Lose

Many people are reluctant to seek legal advice despite being involved in an accident. This is simply because they think filing a lawsuit and fighting it to its conclusion is very expensive and it will be impossible for them to afford the legal fees and the expenses, especially if the injury has forced them to stay off work. Consequently, due to the lack of better knowledge, they lose out on a... ❯❯❯