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Why Are Estate Planning Attorneys So Important?

Have you ever heard of siblings fighting over a will, or a step-parent suing their stepchildren over assets left behind by their deceased spouse? It’s a messy but all too familiar sight. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If people took the time to set their estate plans in order, the probability of these legal, and sometimes physical, battles over an inheritance would be drastically reduced. 

But how? What should you do to avoid this awful tragedy that tears families apart? Well, the first thing you need to do is secure the services of a reputable estate planning attorney. 

Thomas Walters Estate Planning Attorneys

If you live in Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, or North Carolina, then you should consider Thomas Walters. They’re a law firm that specializes exclusively in estate planning and has a proven track record of delivering quality legal representation to its clients. 

If you’re not located in any of these states, then you should do some research to find an estate planning attorney that’s right for you. Don’t delay and assume that you have “plenty of time”. The truth is no one knows when they’re going to die. Sometimes death comes when we least expect it, leaving loved ones behind with no blueprint, which makes it easy for them to fall victim to the temptations of greed, unchecked rivalry, and jealousy. 

Death And Taxes

Uncle Sam is always happy when someone dies because this means he’ll be due to receive some form of taxes. Tax liabilities stemming from death will vary from state to state, which is another reason why having an estate planning attorney is so important. 

Estate planning attorneys such as Thomas Walters can devise a plan that will limit the tax liability your loved ones would have to pay, allowing you to pass on as much as your hard-earned money to your family, and not the Government. If you reach out to an attorney in your area, make sure their plan includes details about how they intend to address your family’s tax liability in the event of your passing. 

Death Is A Part Of Life

Most people see death as something that occurs after your life has ended. But in reality, your death is a part of your life. It will affect your family for weeks, months, years, even decades after you’ve died. Attorneys like the legal team at Thomas Walters understand this and are fully prepared to help you achieve your estate planning goals. 

You should want your death to have a positive impact on your family long after you're gone. Ask yourself: If I died today, how would my family be affected? Do you have children? How would your death impact their lives? Don’t you think it’s time to call a reputable estate planning attorney to get your affairs in order?

Hopefully, you now realize that estate planning should be done while you’re active and healthy. It’s not something to be left for when you’re old and “about to die”. No, estate planning is about life: How your life will impact the lives of your descendants long after you’re gone. Don’t delay, plan wisely. 

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