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5 Things to Know Before Filing a Personal Injury Claim

If you listen to a lot of people, people in America sue for personal injury claims all the time. It's one of those things that sounds true and, perhaps, helps people make sense of the legal system. It's also not the reality.

Personal injury lawsuits make up under 10% of all lawsuits filed in the US. Of course, that doesn't mean you lack solid grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

If you do move forward with a personal injury claim, here are five things you should know before moving forward.

  1. Get Medical Attention Quickly

After someone suffers a personal injury, they often put off seeing a doctor out of embarrassment or belief that an injury isn't that serious. Anytime you suffer an injury at a place of business, seek medical attention.

For one, the medical documents validate your injuries. It also means that doctors are more likely to spot a more serious injury and start treatment. Early treatment can often make a huge difference in your recovery.

  1. You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury claims are not the kind of thing you can handle by yourself. You'll need a personal injury lawyer to help you with the legal system and file paperwork.

A lawyer will also help you negotiate and discourage the other side from giving you low-ball settlement offers.

  1. Expect Your Lawyer to Investigate

Your own lawyer will investigate the circumstances around your injury. It's not meant as a malicious invasion of your privacy. They need all the information to provide you with the best representation.

  1. Huge Settlements Are Rare

Huge settlements in personal injury cases get a lot of attention in the media. There is a reason for that. Huge settlements for these types of cases become news because they are exceedingly rare.

Most personal injury settlements are measured in thousands of dollars, rather than millions of dollars. The kinds of cases that result in massive personal injury compensation are typically class action lawsuits.

  1. Most Personal Injury Cases Don't Go To Trial

Despite what TV shows might portray and some common ideas about personal injury, most personal injury cases never get inside a courtroom.

Taking a case to trial is expensive. It's also a slow process as often as not, with hearings and delays that can drag out for months or even years. In most cases, both sides want a settlement because it's faster and cheaper than a trial.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim and You

Filing a personal injury claim is sometimes the only way you can get relief from an injury. It doesn't mean the process will go the way you expect.

You should expect that you'll need medical records that prove your injury. You'll need a lawyer who will investigate the circumstances of your injury. Your lawsuit will probably not end up in court or generate a huge settlement.

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