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How Witnesses Can Be Beneficial for Your Case


Witness statements often served as the turning point of a case. Testimonies can help prove fault, the degree of damage or help lawyers establish your willingness to cooperate. If wielded properly, witnesses can be extremely beneficial for your case.

In many cases, even if a defendant has done something wrong and there is evidence against them, a witness may be able to clear up any lingering doubts about their innocence before the case ever goes to trial. Witnesses are often necessary to prove or disprove a defendant's version of what happened at an accident or crime scene.

Prove That You Were in the Right or Wrong

When a victim survives an accident, they probably are not able to tell you exactly what happened. Furthermore, if the at-fault party was intoxicated or otherwise impaired⁠—as with alcohol-related crashes⁠—their account will likely be considered unreliable.

Having a witness present who saw what happened on impact can help prove that you were in the right or, at least, not wrong.

A car accident lawyer in Hicksville, New York, who is knowledgeable about local laws, can help you obtain a witness testimony to strengthen your case. If the lawyer has a question for a witness and wants to do it by telephone or online, they may need to obtain permission from a court.

Prove That You Were Injured

While your wounds may be visible, testimony from an unbiased medical professional can help corroborate these details and establish the full extent of your injuries. Your doctor or hospital records are another way to validate the severity of your injury, demonstrating the long-term impact you have suffered.

Prove That the Accident Happened and It Wasn't Your Fault

If you were injured in a hit-and-run or being sued for a car accident that you claim was not your fault, it is crucial to establish who is liable. Having an impartial witness who was present and saw what happened can help you determine the facts of the case at hand. If a witness has seen you get hit, this will be essential to establishing evidence about the incident.

Help Prove That at Least Some People Were in the Wrong

Even if a defendant may be the one who caused an accident that resulted in the injuries of multiple people, it is still essential to have someone present who was not involved in the incident to corroborate this fact. If a witness not involved in the accident saw another party is at fault, their testimony could help prove you were in the right.

Help Your Lawyer Better Understand Your Willingness to Cooperate

Witnesses may also serve your case if you testify against a criminal defendant and ask to participate in a plea deal. It may be difficult for lawyers to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this arrangement without knowing how willing you are to testify. Your lawyer may ask a witness to determine how likely you are to participate in a plea deal.

Witness Reliability

If you are a defendant in a criminal case and the prosecution has a witness who can prove that you were at the scene of an accident, the case could still be dismissed. There are different factors that can render a witness unreliable.

Suppose the witness was unreliable, and the evidence they obtained from them is inconsistent. In that case, it is still critical to establish they did not witness any crime being committed while at the scene of an accident.

Final Thoughts

Witnesses can prove to be a valuable addition to your case. If you were injured in an accident and a witness was present, your lawyer may want to interview the witness to determine whether they can help prove any of the above information.

If they agree to help with your case, ask for their contact information, so your lawyer can reach them when needed.

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