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How to seek justice for your damages and losses due to a personal injury caused by someone?

A personal injury is defined as an injury caused to an individual because of the negligence or act of another individual. The liability of the injury and damage to the victim is on the shoulders of the accused who was negligent and careless in his/her acts. For an act to qualify as negligent it has to have injured or caused you damage. An act cannot be called negligent on the future probability of it causing damage.

Insurance companies usually offer a very low compensation in their first offer. So it’s important that you hire an attorney for personal injury claims, so that you can get the compensation that you deserve and nothing less than that. There are several factors that play a part in getting a high amount of compensation from insurance companies. Here are the things you need to keep in mind when filing for a personal injury claim.

  1. You should have evidence

Evidence regarding the accident and the injuries caused due to it are important to prove to the jury that you were in fact, affected by the negligence of the other party. So make sure you’ve got photographs of the accident and your injuries. At the time of the accident you should save the contact details of any witnesses present so that you can get in touch with them for witness testimonies. If you filed a police report after the accident, then it’s important that you get a copy of it for your lawyer. Having all the documentation is very important for the case to be strong in front of the jury.

  1. Medical Documents

If you want a high amount of compensation, then it’s important that you get medical evidence and reports proving that you were injured and prescribed a treatment for the same. It’s important that you go to a doctor, irrespective of the extent of the injury and follow whatever treatment the doctor prescribes. You should have a detailed report from the doctor of your injuries and treatment. This is important for your personal injury claims case.

  1. Don’t Accept the First Offer

You should understand the way insurance companies work. They do not want to lose out on a huge chunk of money so they will try to minimise the compensation and offer a low amount to you. You should reject the first couple of offers of the insurance company and put your case forward with all the details about the accident, injuries, damages etc. to demand a higher amount. You should also ask the insurance company to justify their low amount compared to the extent of your injuries and damages.

It’s also important that you don’t seem too jumpy or eager to accept whatever amount they offer. You should show that you are ready to battle it out and will not compromise on the compensation that you deserve.

  1. Calculate Future Damages

Apart from the immediate injuries caused by the accident, it’s also important that you calculate the future effects of the accident on your emotional, financial and physical well being. These damages should be added to the compensation so that you get a high and appropriate amount for the damage caused to you by the negligence of the other party.

  1. Take Legal Help

Personal injury claim lawyers will be very helpful in getting you the compensation that you deserve. They know the tricks of the trade, so it will be really smart of you to hire an attorney to handle such a case on your behalf. This way you cannot go wrong with anything legally, because your lawyer will know everything.


For any personal injury claims, whether between an individual and an insurance company or two individuals, always ensure that you keep in mind the time period within which you have to file a claims case. Different states have different Statute Of Limitations time period, so make sure you keep that in mind while planning to file a case.

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