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DUI Lawyers Are Needed Even for First Offences

Many first offenders shrug off the need for an attorney believing that a first offence always gets a pat on the hand. They also assume that you just plead guilty and wait for the judge to wag his finger in your face with a warning. Where legal matters are concerned, the first rule is never make assumptions.

You need representation even for a first offence. A first offence which does not come with factors such as reckless driving, speeding or crashing can still be tricky. There are technical issues that you may not be aware can work in your favor if they are raised. Issues such as:

  • Did the arresting officer follow the law during your arrest?
  • Did the arresting officer stop you properly?
  • Were you advised properly on the law regarding the breath test on the roadside?
  • Was the breath test machine free of error?
  • How should you plead?
  • What charges should you answer to?

The answers to these questions will be dependent on specific details of your case and prior criminal history. Every case is tried on its own terms. DUIs are taken pretty seriously in most states. Hence, if you need a DUI lawyers in Nashville, you had better go ahead and consult with one.

What to expect

You must first of all be aware that working with a skilled DUI lawyer is no guarantee that you will be acquitted of all charges. You may be charged with a first offence or up to a fourth if you have a history and if you are found guilty, it is highly likely that you will face criminal penalties. Consequences of a DUI conviction include:

  • Permanent criminal record
  • Jail time
  • Heavy fines
  • Suspension of driver’s license

Whether it is a first offence or you have been arrested a few times before, your future hangs in the balance as such a record can damage your future prospects. You could find it exceedingly difficult to find employment as well as housing and be expected to pay higher car insurance premiums. Employers, financial institutions and landlords will run a background check on you and your record will be found.

  • How does a DUI lawyer help you?

If you have not already been charged, your lawyer may help you avoid charges. This of course depends on several factors such as:

  • If the police have made mistakes in the course of arresting you
  • Evidence

If you have been charged, that does not automatically make you guilty. Your lawyer will run through your case by looking at the following:

  • The evidence
  • The police report
  • Videos of the stop

These and more will help to determine if proper protocol was followed. Your lawyer will also question the reliability of the equipment used in breath or blood tests because it must give reliable results.

A DUI carries very serious penalties and if found guilty, you will have a shadow on your name for a long time as well as possibly facing jail time and hefty fines. Therefore, let your DUI lawyer in Nashville or wherever you are located handle this particular legal hiccup on your behalf.

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