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Things to keep in mind to make your website Section 508 compliant

In the event that you are someone who develops websites by profession, then it is vital for you to know about the several Section 508 standards. These standards are essential as they ensure that the web developers are making websites which are easily accessible by everyone, especially the disabled users, either visual or auditory-wise. Also, it is a federal regulation that all government websites will have to follow the Section 508 guidelines.

The reliance that we have on the internet these days is so high that it is required for our employees, to learn new things, for our health care, social networking, doing researches and so on. The internet is crucial for us and needs to access to everyone. In this article, you will learn about the things that you should keep in consideration about Section 508 standards. 

From the following steps, you will be able to get a thorough idea about what are the things that need to keep in mind when designing your section 508 compliant website:

  1. Learn about the WCAG: It is vital that you must know about the CAG or the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines that shall be provided to you all the information regarding several web-based applications like the texts, the forms, images, sounds and so on which are all required to make the content of your website easily available to the people who suffer from disabilities. These are the guidelines which are published by the Web Accessibility Initiative or the WAI at the World Wide Web Consortium. It shall be giving you a thorough insight into the main factors which you must remember when you are designing your website.
  1. Learn about specific state policies: The different states of the United States have got different rules and regulations and policies that are implemented to making websites with regards to Section Depending on the targeted readers of the website and the location of the business, you shall need to be aware of the guidelines set by specific states regarding Section 508.
  1. You should consider several disabilities: You must design the web pages in a manner that it can benefit several groups of disabled You should ensure that the following does not happen:
  • People must not find it problematic for them to read and comprehend.
  • People with visual impairment should be able to access your website, and people with auditory or movement related disability must also be comfortable with the website.
  • The browser can be from an old version and not the modern standard one which is in use these days.
  • People can have problems accessing the mouse and keyboard.
  • People might not understand or speak the language, which the website is using in the texts.
  • People may have slow internet or a small screen.

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Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you. Stay in touch with us to know more on this broad subject.

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