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How to Make Sure You’re Hiring the Best Criminal Attorney

If you’re facing any type of criminal charges, be it DUI, arson or possession of an illegal substance, finding the right criminal attorney can make or break your case. With many attorney offices to choose from, how do you know how the right one is? There are many factors to look at, ranging from experience to dedication and confidence. And let’s not forget the most important factor for some, the fee.

It might be difficult finding appropriate legal representation, but if you have no idea where to start whatsoever this article will guide you through the basics.

Find a Passionate Attorney

This might not seem as important compared to references and law school diplomas, but in fact, it could mean everything. You don’t want to be represented by a lawyer who treats you as a case file, not a human. You want someone who is passionate about their job, who will know when to stop talking and listen to you, who will be genuinely interested in your case and do everything to help you win.

Not All Experience is Worth the Same

A lot of attorneys are going to claim they have years of experience. But they never mention if the experience is relevant. When looking for a good criminal lawyer, you want to make sure they are experienced in the field of criminal law, not for example tax or bankruptcy law.

Trust Your Gut

How did you feel when you first spoke to the lawyer? Did he make you feel confident, did he explain all you wanted to know about your case? In most cases, trusting your gut will pay off. You’ll want to hire a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t put extra pressure on you when you’re obviously under a lot of stress as it already is.

A Dedicated Team

Preparing your defense is not a job for one man, but a team. Your attorney will need help from others to win your case. Make sure their team is as dedicated, experienced and trustworthy as the lawyer you choose.

Confidence Is Everything

No lawyer can ever guarantee the desired outcome. That said, you want to hire a confident lawyer who can assure you that they will do absolutely everything in their power to help you win the case. Stay away from lawyers full of promises they don’t seem confident they can keep.

Check Their References

Good reputation always precedes a good attorney. Ask around if any of your friends can recommend an attorney they’ve worked with. Even better, browse the web to find the best criminal lawyer, check their references, see how others were satisfied with their services etc.

How Much Do They Charge

The question that usually pops up first when you start looking for a criminal attorney. How much they charge can tell you a lot about their practice. You want to find a lawyer with a competitive price, but one that does not charge too high or too low without a good reason. Naturally, you should be prepared to pay more for an experienced attorney than you would pay someone who’s just finished law school.

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