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How To Hire an Atlanta Workers Compensation Lawyer

Getting injured on the job is not something that you should take lightly, especially if it is due to the negligence or carelessness of your employer. That is why hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer is crucial to get more workers’ compensation benefits. It isn’t technically required, but getting yourself an attorney definitely has its legal advantages.

For instance, some employers or insurance companies may still pressure their employees to pay for their own medical bills when injured. However, victims of work-related injuries like fractures, burns, and traumatic occurrences need the appropriate compensation from the negligent party.

What Is A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer?

Work-related accidents or injuries could happen due to several factors. It could be because your boss made you lift some heavy boxes. However, it could also be due to more severe issues such as suffering injuries from a burning building simply because someone didn’t pay enough attention to the electrical wiring.

Whatever the cause, a workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the financial reimbursement that you deserve. This includes sky-rocketing medical bills, unpaid working days due to physical injuries, and personal property loss or damage during the work-related incident.

When to hire one

As easy as it may sound, there are actually several factors that you should consider when hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer. Attorneys from the Work Comp Georgia website recommend examining your situation beforehand. Sometimes, you might end up needing a different type of legal assistance than what you initially thought.

Although hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer is not necessary, having an attorney by your side throughout the process will help you work things out smoothly with your employer or insurance company. In fact, workers with hired attorneys can actually recover 30% more than those who choose to work things out by themselves.

The situation varies on a case-to-case basis. Sometimes, people find that the process was tolerable even without the presence of an attorney. However, try to be objective in deciding if you need legal assistance. For instance, insufficient knowledge regarding complex cases and appeals may lead you to undervalue your claim.

Some of these situations include acquiring a permanent disability, discovering a potential dispute about the injury, or having a pre-existing medical condition. Some employees also experience getting fired before the injury report. In that case, heeding the professional help of a workers’ compensation attorney is crucial.

Hiring an attorney

Once you have decided that your case needs professional help, it is essential to remember that the insurance company will also have its own attorneys’ team. In that case, you may want to review online testimonials and reviews to choose a good lawyer to represent your case. Look into past clients and what they have to say about their experience.

Make sure that they are qualified enough to do the job. Otherwise, you may receive a smaller indemnity than the actual cost of the damages. Start by getting to know if the lawyer knows how to deal with insurance companies and uncooperative employers. Make sure that they are comfortable with the administrative process.

Remember that workers’ compensation is a specialized area, so you cannot simply pick a random lawyer and expect to win the case. The time and effort you put into finding experienced and skilled attorneys will definitely pay off during the trial. Ask them for personalized and well-informed advice starting from the initial claim until the appeal.

Professional Accreditations

Give yourself a favorable chance at success by hiring a board-certified workers’ compensation lawyer. After all, not all attorneys match in skill and work ethics. You have to find someone who has your best interest, along with the skills to project and defend your case. Look for a peer review of their legal practice.

Check the state bar association to see if there are lawyers with this specialization in your area. Fortunately, attorneys in Atlanta are well-versed, and you should be able to find a good number who can help you deal with a complicated case. Visit a credible website to keep yourself updated.

Schedule Consultations

Narrow down your choices and prepare an initial consultation to give your lawyer a brief overview of your claim. It is always wise to schedule an initial consultation for anyone who ever experienced a work-related injury or accident. Fortunately, some attorneys offer either free or budget-friendly consultations.

Ensure that you bring your contact information, essential documents and emails, medical records, photographs or video documentation of the event, pay stubs, employment records, accident reports, and claim notices. Preparing them beforehand will help you and your lawyer establish the possible strengths and weaknesses of your claim.

You will also be able to get insights from someone with professional experience. Remember to have an open mind and let the attorney explain the critical details you may have to consider before drafting the initial pleading.

Don’t be afraid to ask particular questions such as their experience and past clients. Ask your lawyer about the types of benefits you can recover and how long it would take to resolve the claim. Make sure that you understand every detail that concerns your case.

Consider The Billing Agreement

In most cases, the average workers’ compensation lawyer is entitled to earn a contingency fee of 10 to 20% of the total recovery. However, the cost depends on the client’s actual wage instead of the total amount reimbursed for medical bills. In Atlanta, Georgia, your attorney will only get paid once they have settled the case in your favor.

If the lawyer could not get its client the supposed benefits based on their claims, they are not entitled to a contingency fee. In other words, if you are an injured worker in Atlanta, you will need to receive the benefits in order for your lawyer to acquire his or her attorney’s fee. Make sure to settle this during the initial consultation.


During your initial consultation, make sure to discuss all the necessary details. That includes your attorney’s capability and chances of winning the case based on their past experiences. You should also highlight the specifics of your accident and how they plan to draft out your claim. Don’t forget to mention the financial aspects so that they don’t give you a headache later on.

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