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How to Find a Good Divorce Lawyer

Finding a good divorce lawyer is not easy, whether you are filing for divorce or defending against one. Several factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a divorce attorney. The following article will provide tips on finding the best legal representation possible in your situation.

  1. Determining the Type of Lawyer You Need

It is important to know what type of lawyer you need before beginning your search. Divorce lawyers specialize in either family law or civil law, and each has a different set of expertise. If your divorce requires an agreement about child custody or property division, for instance, you will need a family law attorney. A civil law attorney can handle such proceedings as establishing paternity and filing documents with courts. The former usually costs more than the latter because the issues involved in family law proceedings are complex and require extensive research. Therefore, even if you do not think you have much information to provide your lawyer when discussing your case, be sure to relay all available details so the lawyer knows whether she needs to gather more facts.

  1. Look for a Lawyer with Experience

Experience is another factor that should be considered when finding a good divorce lawyer. For example, if you are on the defending side, you will want an experienced lawyer working on your side because she has dealt with similar cases in the past and knows how to fight or defend better than other lawyers do. Lawyers who have experience dealing with family law issues usually help their clients reach mutual decisions amicably. If they cannot settle, they can advise clients about what type of defence to present at court hearings. Before hiring any lawyer, ask him about his experience and certification, as it would help you describe your case better and get the desired results out of it later on. On the other hand, if you are the person filing for divorce, experience may not be a factor since your spouse's attorney experiences matters in court.

  1. Location of the Lawyer

Another important factor to consider when choosing a good divorce lawyer is location. The location should be where you feel comfortable conducting meetings with your lawyer. For example, if you have children that need to go to school or attend after-school activities during the weekdays, then look for a family lawyer ( closer to home so he can meet with you at times that suit your daily routine. The area should also provide easy access to public transportation because anyone would prefer saving on gas money and time off from work. If this is not much of a concern for you, you can hire an attorney from anywhere in the province.

  1. Conducting Background Checks on Lawyers

Since lawyers and law firms provide expertise and guidance to both parties involved in a divorce case, they must be reputable and honest when handling their clients' concerns. One way of knowing whether your lawyer is forthright with you is through background checks. If she has been practicing law for many years with no negative reports about her character or work ethic, chances are she will meet all your requirements as well. While having good references about the lawyer's past cases is helpful, you should be aware that other people's conclusions are not necessarily true since there are cases where one party loses while the other wins during a divorce. You can find out more about your lawyer by reading reviews on his website, speaking with her former clients, and checking for complaints filed against them.

  1. Insurance Coverage

Another way to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable law firm is by asking whether they have professional liability insurance or not. While you may think it an unnecessary question, this is vital information. If your lawyer gets sued due to negligence, he will be covered under his company's policy, so you do not end up footing the bill instead. On the other hand, lawyers that work independently usually cannot afford one since it is expensive to maintain such insurance levels over time. Therefore, individuals who own law firms tend not to have insurance coverage, but that does not necessarily mean they cannot be reliable.

Finding a good divorce lawyer is never an easy task, but taking the time to ask these questions before hiring one can make a huge difference in your case. Whether you want to file for divorce or defend yourself from someone with the same intention, you must understand what you need to make the right decision when choosing a lawyer. It will also help narrow down your choices and save you time finding a lawyer who has what it takes to represent your side in court successfully.

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