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How Can a Lawyer Help Me if My Civil Rights Were Violated?

Everyone in the US has constitutional rights such as freedom of assembly, speech, religion and the right to petition the government. You are also entitled to freedom from discrimination based on sex, race and your national origin. Therefore, if someone infringes on your freedom or is discriminatory, a civil rights lawyer at Friedman Levy in NYC will work closely with you to ensure you get the justice that you legally deserve. If you have faced any type of violation, you can ensure the offender is prosecuted and faces the law by working with a professional and qualified attorney. Common examples of these violation include:

Discrimination against race

This can happen in many areas like housing. For instance, if an African American man wants to lease an apartment but the landlord refuses because he only wants Caucasian tenants, the landlord has committed a violation against the African American. Housing laws prevent landlords from rejecting tenants based on their race. The victim can seek justice by working with an attorney.

Discrimination against sexual orientation

This involves denying people with different sexual orientations services and the victims can take legal action against the guilty parties.

Police misconduct

Some police officers also commit violations against citizens such as unlawful shootings which result in injuries or death. Arresting an individual without reason or probable cause is the same as kidnapping and can leave long-lasting physical, financial and emotional effects on the affected.

Prison violations

People who are in jail only lose their freedom, not their constitutional needs. However, some inmates are sexually and physically assaulted by the staff. Moreover, some prisons neglect the medical needs of their inmates, and the medical condition can deteriorate and even result in death.

Workplace harassment

Sexual harassment can be in the form of unwelcome sexual advances, offensive comments about someone’s sex, requesting for sexual favours. It also entails physical or verbal behaviour that affects an employee’s performance and creates a very hostile working environment. Workplace sexual harassment can come from the supervisors, co-workers and clients.

You should reach out to an experienced attorney if you have experienced police brutality, including use of excessive force. Moreover, if you or a loved one has been falsely arrested, convicted, or imprisoned, you need to work with an attorney to get the justice you deserve.

Other forms of police violations include being harassed and excessively interrogated by them. If you are denied the chance of having legal representation in criminal proceedings, you should seek legal action through a qualified attorney. If police officers infringe on your privacy or forcefully enter your home, you should seek justice for the violation.


A great attorney can help you get justice for being violated. You stand a chance of putting the offender behind bars, getting compensation for any losses incurred or both. When you work hand in hand with an attorney, you will be guided on how to proceed with the case and get the justice you deserve. If you have been violated in any way by anyone, don’t hesitate to seek legal help and make the offending parties pay for their wrongdoings.

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