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Finding the Best Attorney for your Assault Case

Most assault cases stem from conflicts between individuals who know each other well – including spousal relationships. This is why assault can be such a confusing and sensitive issue. Because of the complexities involved in the law, it is recommended you have someone represent you to ensure you will not face the charges alone and be left with an unwanted criminal record.

When it comes to assault charges you don’t want just anyone representing you, you need an attorney that is reliable and experienced.

Here are some of the ways you can find the best lawyer for your case:

  • Research the attorney: Most lawyers have a particular area of the law that they focus on. You want to make sure that anyone you are considering has experience and expertise in the law as it applies in assault cases.
  • Determine skill: Does the attorney you are considering have courtroom experience? They may know the law inside and out but it is also important to know how to conduct oneself before a judge.
  • Locality: An attorney who has experience in local courtrooms and who is acquainted with the judges will be an asset to your case because of their familiarity with local court rules and procedures.
  • Media, articles and blogs: Look for media interviews with the attorney or articles that they have written. This can be one way of determining their expertise and capability. Also, consider client testimony and third-party reviews of the attorney, all of which can usually be found online.
  • Get references: Ask others who they would recommend in your case. Also ask them why they believe that attorney is the best one. This is especially important if you know someone who has been in a comparable situation. Don’t be afraid to ask any other lawyers you know for a recommendation, even if they don’t practice in the field of assault. They are likely to have meet or heard of some of the top attorneys in that area.
  • Interview the attorney: Before you decide on your lawyer have a consultation. Many times these are free meetings where you and the attorney can discuss the case. Prepare questions about your situation including how the attorney recommends you proceed, why they are the right fit for the case, etc.
  • Suss out your lawyer’s personality: Look for qualities that demonstrate they are skilled communicators, which will prove valuable in the courtroom. It will also be important to you that they communicate well with you and keep you informed. To best represent you a lawyer needs to be reliable and you may also want to consider their ethical position by looking for qualities like honesty and straightforwardness.
  • Get to know the team: Lawyers usually have several people on staff that help prepare for court dates. You will want to know those who will be working on your case, including some of their background. Make sure you understand whether it will be your lawyer or someone else that will be making court appearances on your behalf.

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