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Family Therapy & Counseling: How It Works

Following a family trauma, a fracture in the family or a divorce, family therapy and counseling can be a great option to help members of the family to fix issues and to deal with the emotions that they are going through. Some turn their noses up at this kind of thing but the reality is that for so many families around the country this is a service which really can help. Often this service can be suggested by a law firm who often work with family counsellors to help their clients who are going through a divorce. This is a long process and here is how the therapy aims to work for families.

Creation of a Safe Space

In so many situations with a family they do not have a safe and comfortable space where they can share their emotions and their concerns. In fact, in many cases when members try to do this, the end result is arguments, which never really help anyone. What the family therapy will do is to give them a space whereby they can air their concerns and their differences, without things descending into a fight. This is particularly important for children who feel emotions strongly yet are often the smallest voices in the home.

Individual and Group

There are a number of approaches which a family therapist may take, and often they will mix up seeing members of the family on their own, and in a group. When someone is alone with a counselor, they can of course say whatever they feel without reproach. A counsellor will usually speak with each member of the family individually, and then bring the family together to try and work through the issues which have been uncovered.

What Success Looks Like

To put a defining point on an end-result is almost impossible and it will very much be down to the counsellor to decide on when things are looking better. One thing which should be noted here however is that there is a time limit on this, and therapists will never work with families for more than 6 months. The general consensus is that if there has not been enough progress during this time, the family is better off seeing a colleague or another therapist to work through their issues.

Optional Support

No matter what the issue is, a family or family members will never be obliged by anyone to go for counseling and therapy. In fact, this is always a choice which the family must make on their own. It is true that law firms and social workers may recommend this kind of service and even connect a family to a professional. With this being said it is completely up to the family as to whether they decide to follow up on that recommendation and seek out help and support.

This is a vital service which supports thousands of families around the country, and it does have a high level of success. If you are based in Sydney and on the lookout for a reliable law firm Chatswood has you covered.

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