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5 Top Law Firm Marketing Tips for 2021

Many businesses are exceptionally qualified to handle their primary responsibilities. 

For legal offices, that is advising and representing their clients. Unfortunately, other than word of mouth, they aren't always sure of how to market their firm. 

Where should law firms start? The answer is simple, SEO. In our experience working with over 50 law firms, we’ve found that on average, more than 70% of inquiries come from Google organic search. This outpaces social media, advertising and traditional media. 

Let’s dive into why SEO works for law firms and review our top five marketing tips in 2021.  

#1 - Every Page Should Have a Primary Keyword

Many people don't know what keywords are, and they are often overused. Keyword stuffing can actually decrease a business's ability to rank. That's not to say, however, keyword usage doesn't have value.

For every piece of marketing content that you create, you want to arrange the content around a specific topic, which is referred to in the virtual world as a "keyword." Whether it's a blog post or the main page, there should be a primary keyword or key phrase.

#2 - Attract Users with Comprehensive Content

"Super Pages" are comprehensive overviews of the entire topic. In legal marketing circles, these are also known as “Pillar Pages.” They can be viewed as a general guide to what they do regarding that particular practice area.

With 1,000 or more words, the search engines identify that your company or office is an expert on a particular subject matter. This will help boost your online rankings. It also places an anchor site that further pages can link back to, which adds weight to the site.

#3 - Don’t Forget Calls-to-Action!

Using Call-to-Action statements throughout and especially at the end is the equivalent of a Buy Now button or the Subscribe to Get Updates message. You might think this tactic only extends to advertising, but it’s extremely effective for content as well. 

These should be included in pages, blog posts, at the end of each paragraph, and wherever else makes sense. Many people skim when they read, so placing these regularly ensures they will see them.

Fourth: Feature Client Reviews to Entice New Customers

One of the most powerful digital marketing tools is featuring client reviews to convince prospective law firm clients that you will listen to and understand their problems because you have done so for other people. 

This is probably the primary element that changes you as a stranger to a trusted counselor and advisor. Your firm will likely receive an "in-person" meeting with a potential customer due to using this marketing tip along with having a solid web presence.

Fifth: Create Supporting Content for Primary Pages

Once you have your primary Super Pages created, you should create a funnel of content that supports the primary law page. This is done by publishing two or three additional content pieces that are relevant to and support the main topic presented on the primary page.

Google uses the internal links to understand your law firm website's organization. Therefore, you need to create a meaningful hub to cultivate that understanding.

In Conclusion

Online marketing is a complex issue that is constantly evolving. A law firm's time is valuable, and attorneys are not always experienced in marketing. These top five marketing ideas for law firms are some of the most helpful when promoting your business. 

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