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How To Avoid The Pitfalls of Buying A Renovated Property

Buying a property, which has been previously renovated could provide a great opportunity for you. This can help you to secure an older property, which has been given a modern touch and could also save you some money in the process. There are however some important things to be careful of when you are investing in such a property. With this in mind, we are going to break down some of the common pitfalls of buying a property, so that you won’t get caught out.

Nothing But Gloss

Many experts in the industry like those working at Mr Conveyancer often warn their clients about the dangers associated with a glossy veneer on a renovated property. Whilst on the face of it the property may look plush and modern, the major systems which operate the property are often still the original installations. With this in mind, it is always critical that you carry out full checks on the plumbing, electricity, and gas systems before you even consider making an offer on a property.

Quality of the Kitchen Finish

The kitchen is something, which many home buyers place great importance on, and those who are renovating properties are well aware of this. Unfortunately, however, a kitchen may look great in a photograph, but once you get up close and personal things can quickly change. A high-end kitchen comes at high-end prices and we often see people try to save money on the quality of the materials used. If you are happy with the finish of the kitchen then that is fine, but you should be well aware of the material and build quality before you buy.

Bathroom Details

One of the most challenging things for those looking to buy a renovated property is having the necessary eye for detail. One example is the bathroom, which is often all about the detailed work which has been carried out. Many for example will buy a home and then not realize for months that the tiling in the bathroom is not level, or that the shower unit is made with low-quality plastic or enamel. If you are worried that you may not spot these frustrating details, go for viewing with someone who knows what they are looking for.

Pay Attention to The Floor

Flooring which isn’t level or which has been poorly installed will become very frustrating the more time that you spend on the property. The newly laid laminate should be fully checked for any damage and to ensure that it is level. With hardwood floors, we have to remember that they are prone to warping and shrinking, yet a freshly sanded and varnished floor may cover up this fact. During your viewing of the property be sure that you pay particular attention to the quality and the layout of the floor.

These are some of the details which you should be looking into when it comes to buying a renovated property.

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