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Don't Wait Too Long: Why Timing is Everything for Hiring a Workman's Comp Attorney

We all go to work expecting to go home at the day in good shape, with a little more money in our pockets. Unfortunately, this isn't the case every day for some individuals. Sometimes, accidents do happen, and people get injured when they're on the clock. 

In most cases, an injured worker won't need to bring a lawsuit forward or call a workmans comp attorney. The worker's compensation system is designed to work in a fashion that should be easy for most employees to navigate. Every so often, however, this will turn out not to be the case.

If you do feel you need to fire a lawsuit due to an injury at work, it can be important to act fast. Timing in these kinds of cases can truly be everything. Read on, and we'll walk you through when you should hire an attorney and why the timing is so vital. 

When You Need A Workers Comp Attorney

Have you been injured at work? It doesn't necessarily mean you need to lawyer up. In most cases, there should be practices and policies in place to help take care of you as an injured employee. You should not have to go through the court system in order to get the help and support you need from your employer.

You really only need to go to a lawyer if an insurance company is attempting to dispute your claim, or your employer is refusing to submit your claim, to begin with. 

Most insurance companies are unlike to fight claims that are clearly work-related, clearly took place during work hours, or are impermanent in nature. Small injuries, like a sprained ankle, are fairly inexpensive to cover and most insurance companies won't find a reason to put up a fight.

However, what if an insurance company does decide to dispute your claim? Then you need to get an attorney on your side right away. The insurance company might have a number of reasons for disputing your claim: they might claim your injury wasn't work-related, that you worsened your condition on your own, or that you filed too late. 

An insurance company also might be failing to provide the support you believe you need based on your injuries. If what the company is willing to pay out is far below the money you are losing via lost wages and medical bills, you might need to hire an attorney. An attorney can fight back and get you the compensation you deserve. 

If you have a pre-existing condition, you might also be facing a big battle with the insurance company. The company might use your pre-existing condition as evidence that the work injury was not entirely your employer's fault. You might need an attorney to help prove fault and provide evidence in this case.

Why Time Is Vital In A Workers Comp Case

Different states have different deadlines when it comes to filing for worker's compensation. But all of them do have a time limit set, and you will need to adhere to this schedule if you hope to receive compensation.

In most states, it is required to report your injury to your employer somewhere within ten to ninety days. Failure to report during this time period can strip you of your right to worker's compensation. This is because a failure to report can make a medical condition worse. 

After a certain amount of time, failure to seek medical treatment is seen as negligent. Thus, it impacts your ability to receive a payout from an insurance company.

This is just one of the many deadlines that are involved in the worker's claim process. One of the main reasons to hire an attorney is to have someone who is familiar with and can stay on top of these many deadlines. 

A worker's compensation lawyer will have years of experience with cases like yours. They will know the deadlines that need to be met like the back of their hand and can ensure your paperwork is in on time. They can also make sure that very same paperwork is filled out properly, and that no mistakes or errors are made.

This can be so essential in obtaining proper worker's compensation. Failure to meet deadlines or avoid mistakes can result in lackluster coverage. That's the last thing someone who was harmed on the job needs during their time of injury.

What Worker's Compensation Covers

If you've been injured at work, there are a lot of costs that you might be facing. The initial costs should be obvious: medical procedures and immediate bills from the hospital or doctor. These can be quite high. 

There's also the matter of lost wages if you are unable to go back to work. If you're out of work for a long period of time, your worker's compensation should be able to provide for the finances you'd lose in that time.

If your injury requires ongoing care, worker's compensation should also be able to cover the treatment that you'll require going forward. This includes therapies and surgeries you might need to overcome your injury or illness.

Don't Wait! Hire A Workmans Comp Attorney Now

Time is vital when it comes to a worker's compensation case. If you need help navigating a difficult claim situation, it can be best to hire a workmans comp attorney to guide you through the process. You can rely on their experience to ensure the best outcome for your future.

Have more questions about hiring an attorney? Check out our blog for more.

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