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Common mistakes to avoid when hiring an Immigration Lawyer

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When you decide that you are going to live abroad, emigrating is a tough business. From packing up your worldly possessions to moving half-a-world away – all of it is tricky enough without the added arguments over legality and your right to be there.

For this reason, we would always suggest you hire yourself an immigration lawyer to make life easier. Before you rush off and do that, though, here are some things you should think about…

What Not to do when Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Remember, you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to visa and immigration lawyers!

1 – Settling for the First Option

When hiring an immigration lawyer, you shouldn’t just opt for the first one you come across. Take Goldstein Immigration Lawyers for example, they have hundreds of reviews that can attest to the quality of the service you receive when you choose them as your immigration lawyers. They also have a website that does a good job describing who they are and what makes them uniquely qualified to handle your case.

If you don’t use a service that has positive reviews, you can expect a negative experience and poor end result. Nobody wants you to get deported, so always check reviews before you agree to work with your new lawyer.

2 – Setting too low a Budget

A visa or immigration lawyer is going to cost you to do the work. That being said, the work will take you twice as long without one. The question becomes how much you value your own time, plus how much you value remaining in the country.

Often when we hire an immigration lawyer it is because our country of residence is trying to remove us. It may be that our visa has run out and it may be that we arrived seeking asylum – it doesn’t usually matter to a court of law.

Fortunately, your visa lawyer will help you – for an appropriate fee. Be sure to set aside enough money to pay for them and have a little left over. Occasionally, lawyers’ fees can run higher than you think.

3 – Opting for One-Size-Fits-All

You need a specialist attorney for this type of case. You can just employ an all-round lawyer who can help you, but if you want the best results you need to hire an expert.

This means choosing from listed visa attorneys or visa lawyers, or immigration attorneys or immigration lawyers. If you go with someone who has a generic approach to law (like your regular family representation) you risk losing the case. Don’t risk your ability to remain in a country just because your lawyer also knows how to deal with parking tickets…

4 – Forgetting other Clients

Your lawyer is likely to have other clients. An immigration lawyer can have anything up to 30 other clients in their books. You know what this means for you? Less time spent studying your case.

The best way to avoid this is to ask your prospective new visa lawyer how many other clients they have. If the answer is any more than one or two, you may have an issue.

Moving Forward with your Case

Now that you are armed with our top tips for what not to do, you ought to be able to hire the right visa lawyer for you, no matter the occasion.

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