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Benefits of Setting Up an Attorney Profile on Avvo

To understand the benefits of having an attorney put their name and profile out there, we must first understand what is and how it works. Everything today seems to work off the internet, and online advertisements and reviews are critical to the public's interest. There is already 97 percent of lawyers who have taken advantage of and put their profiles out there to obtain more clients. It is another way for attorneys to gain Search Engine Optimization or an SEO strategy for lawyers. Avvo is a rating system that takes the attorney's profile and puts it across websites like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. It brings more exposure to the attorney or a law firm and is an updated way to advertise through ratings, reviews, profiles, and what the lawyer handles. 

The Importance of SEO for Attorneys 

SEO is a strategic form of advertisement that puts a company at the top of the search list by using keywords typed in by most people. Any strategy that uses SEO for any company or business will bring in profits. pushed its goals forward in July 2015 and worked with many attorneys across the country to promote their law firms. They deliver valuable information to the public that each attorney fills in the blanks to promote their business. 

Think of it like the Better Business Bureau that tells the public if the lawyer they lookup has the credentials and the positive reviews to get the job done. The ratings offered by are from one to ten, ten being the best. All of this information is calculated through the attorney's profile and reviews from clients and other peers. It is a directory for the public to look up and find out the closest attorney who can handle their case. Naturally, the best of the best will get placed at the top of the list, and it works like the search engines in major websites like Google.

What Is in

The information an attorney will put into should be updated by the attorney regularly. It will have information the public can view about the attorney or law firm. All the awards, licenses, cases, associations are included in the information. Client ratings are available along with any upfront cost for fees or payments. Most of the consultations are free to the public. Some attorneys do charge for consultation, depending on the types of cases they handle. 

The attorney's contact information is included in the package deal, such as messages, social media, emails, websites to the attorney's chat rooms, phone information, and location. When the user gets onto, they will see a headshot of the attorney, know the languages they speak, any endorsements from peers, and all practice areas the attorney covers. If there are publications or news media posts, those will be included as well. 

The final review is the Avvo Rating Badge which tells the public it is worth reaching out to the attorney. The attorney can achieve a "Superb" rating from Avvo by filling out 100 percent of the information requested. All the information will draw the users to the attorney's website for more details. Once this happens, the goal at is achieved. 

What Do Clients Mostly Look for In an Attorney?

The practices of the attorney are what interest most clients. They also want to know if there are any upfront charges for consultation. can direct the public to the attorney's website to obtain all the details. does not answer these questions but leads the clients to the proper attorneys who may take on the case. 

Attorneys will punch in a percentage of cases they may handle. The potential clients will use the information and reach out to the attorney if both parties meet the criteria. This is why it is so urgent for the attorney to keep up with all the information on The potential clients that come from the website have boosted attorney's profits almost double. The goal for the attorney is to meet the highest standards of ratings and establish credibility with potential clients. It will keep the business flowing.

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