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Top Reasons You Need an Employment Attorney to Recover

If your employer owes you some money or you have a dispute on other matters, you should contact our office immediately! You may be upset or even angry about your employer's treatment, but there are some steps you can take to protect your rights. Stop Unpaid Wages is a payroll and hourly dispute resolution law firm based in California, working with clients who want to protect themselves and receive unpaid wages. When employers incorrectly classify employees, wage and hourly wage disputes can also arise. Employees mistakenly identified as independent contractors may be taxed heavily and may even have to pay certain taxes to their employers.

 Who is a labour lawyer?

The labour lawyers represent employees and employers in state and federal labour law matters. Federal laws were applicable to the modern world of work.

Los Angeles Wage and Hour Attorney can prepare and review employee handbooks, assist with wage issues, and represent employees or employers before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. When they claim that their rights have been violated, they also make suggestions on workers' rights. Here are some important reasons for hiring a Wage and Hour Attorney.

 There are many changes every day:

 When asked how "sensitive" the practice in this field. In fact, I dare say yes. Peppers on the training ground. Nothing is a typical day. It is always interesting to understand the activities and industries of different customers. In addition to different clients and tasks, each case contains a unique set of facts and allegations, which are never tiresome and usually require keen and creative legal analysis. Occasions and work tasks never seem to be too ordinary.

 In fact, when asked about the professional performance of Los Angeles Wage and Hour Attorney, this is a common response. The uncertainty and the fact that it does not sound as exciting as other legal fields (such as health and environmental law) make It is attractive because of its diversity.

Employer has violated the law or not:

Although, there are some differences under state law that can give you additional rights. This article focuses on federal law, but consult with your Los Angeles Wage and Hour Attorney about state laws and regulations that can be used to improve your needs. The federal law on minimum wages and overtime is called the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you are a fired employee, if you work more than 40 hours in a given workweek, you must be paid for overtime. The right to overtime pay.

 A Los Angeles Wage and Hour Attorney can determine if your employer forces you to work outside of working hours, or if you are trying to get you exempt.

 Check your employment contract:

 Employment lawyers can record non-competition agreements in your contract and advise you on what these terms mean for your profession. The lawyer will evaluate your employment contract and help modify it if necessary.

 In the future, before signing the employment contract, please ask your lawyer to review the employment contract to avoid trouble.

 What to do if you are affected by wage and working hours violations:

 If you think you are affected by wage and working hours violations, you should contact your employer first. Your employer may be willing to pay you damages as a result of negligence or technical error.

 You should also talk to a lawyer who is experienced in resolving salary and working hours disputes. In some cases, even if you and your employer want to resolve your disputes about wages and working hours, the agreement needs to be approved by the Department of Labor or the court. In addition, wage and hours lawyers can review the circumstances of your case and determine whether you are entitled to compensation in addition to the arrears.

 Sexual harassment:

 Our law firm helps clients who are sexually harassed in the workplace. Regardless of whether the perpetrator is of the opposite sex or the same sex, we can protect your rights and ensure that the responsible party is held accountable. Sexual harassment can take many forms: Sexual harassment can include comments made by managers, colleagues, customers, or customers about the appearance of an employee; this can also include repeated appointment requests, even if the employee expresses no interest.

 Tax-exempt and tax-exempt employees:

 Depending on your salary and job type, you will be classified as a tax-exempt or non-tax-exempt employee. There are exceptions, but in most cases, if your annual income is at least $23,600, you will be exempt from taxes; they receive wages; and they perform administrative, professional, or administrative duties as required by the FLSA.

 Despite legal protection, wage theft still occurs from time to time:

 Although federal and state laws regulate wages, employers can violate wages and working hours. A Los Angeles Wage and Hour Attorney should be your first step. A qualified salary and time lawyer can help you understand your rights and methods of making a claim. However, here are some typical examples of wage and working hours violations.

Overtime Error:

 FLSA Act allows unpaid workers who work more than 40 hours a week to receive regular half-time pay. When employers fail to pay employees overtime or fail to pay employees appropriate wages during this period, violations occur.

Illegal Deductions of Employee Wages:

Employers can deduct uniforms, special equipment, and employee losses (such as lack of cash drawers and damage to company property) from workers’ wages. Can an employer withhold from the employee’s wages the amount whose final income is lower than the fewer wage?

Missed Meals and Breaks:

California break laws require employers to provide non-exempt employees with a 30-minute lunch break if they work five or more hours in a workday, and a 10-minute break for every four hours worked. If an employee works more than 10 hours, he or she must be given two 30-minute meal breaks. During these breaks, the employee should be relieved of all job duties. There are limited exceptions to the break requirement.

Minimum Wage: 

 California’s Minimum Wage Act of 2020 requires employees to earn at least $13 per hour for employers with 26 or more employees, and at least $12 per hour for employers with fewer than 26 employees. It will maximum year by year, and by 2023 the income of all employees will reach $15. 


 workers must not work more than 40 hours per week unless they work overtime. Pay hourly overtime. Employers who cannot fully pay for overtime may have to pay employees’ wages, estimated losses, legal costs, and legal costs in Los Angeles. 

 Fair Work Standards Act: 

 The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law that sets rules and standards for employers on how to treat employees. 

 FLSA stipulates that private, state, state, and local government employees are entitled to fair treatment and compensation, including the right to receive a minimum wage and overtime pay equal to half of their normal wages. Payment rate. 

 In addition, the FLSA distinguishes between different categories of workers who can enjoy benefits and protections under the Act, including tax-exempt and non-tax-exempt workers, and the distinction between independent contractors and workers. 

 Your right to pay: 

 If you work, your work should be compensated. In fact, it is unlaw for an employer not to pay you for your work even if you achieve poorly or are fired for legitimate reasons. Reasons after the end of work Your work compensation doesn't stop there: you are entitled to at least $8.25 per hour (Los Angeles minimum wage) within 40 hours of work per week. 

 Employees who are entitled to overtime pay, who work more than 40 hours a week, must pay half of their normal wages, so that employees earning $8.25 an hour can get 12 hours for every hour of overtime. Earning $37 for an hour’s work. 

 Work injury claims: 

 Employers can ignore workers’ rights to decent wages in a variety of ways; for example, employers may mistakenly classify employees as self-employed contractors or dismissed employees to avoid the employee’s overtime obligation. 

 If an employer pays an employee more than 40 hours of non-exempt overtime per week, the employee can apply for employee compensation.Specifically, the suspension of unpaid wages provides employees with a basis for compensation for damages caused by unpaid overtime wages. Los Angeles lawyers can handle such claims on your behalf, and fees and expenses may be refundable. The evidence that they are entitled to unpaid wages is then forwarded to the employer to prove that workers can be exempt from wages or are not entitled to compensation for overtime work.

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