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Learn more about when you should hire Philadelphia criminal lawyers for your court case

If you have been convicted of a crime, you have committed a crime, or you need representation in court, then consider hiring a professional attorney who can help you fight your case!

When you should hire Philadelphia criminal lawyers

First, you might be wondering - what is a criminal lawyer? What can they help me with and when should I hire them? A criminal lawyer is a person who can help defend you if you have been charged with any type of crime, no matter what the crime is (ex: criminal conviction, personal property crime, assault, theft, etc). Most Philadelphia criminal lawyers handle any type of case that involves being defended in a court of law, ranging from a wide variety of crimes that carry different sentences and punishments.

A criminal lawyer is in charge of helping you with criminal charges in your specific state court of federal court, helping with matters such as coming up with the bonds for you to get out of jail, organizing a plea bargain so you can get a lesser jail sentence, and helping you during the trial process so you can be prepared with your argument and you are well represented by a professional.

This article will help you see more about the responsibilities of Philadelphia criminal lawyers. It include helping to research the law that pertains to your specific case to come up with the best argument, building a defense that is logical and reasonable, negotiating with the prosecution to come up with a lesser sentence and punishment for you, and investigating the case and interviewing witnesses so they can be prepared to help you during the trial.

You have been convicted of a crime

One of the main times in which you should hire Philadelphia criminal lawyers for your court case is if you have been convicted of a crime. No matter what type of crime it is, whether it be a criminal or civil crime, you need to hire a professional who can help lower your sentence and reduce the chances of you going to jail. 

You have committed a crime

If you know that you have committed a crime but have not yet been convicted or arrested, hiring Philadelphia criminal lawyers before you get charged is key to staying ahead of the curve and ensuring that you have the best defense possible when going to your court case. 

You need representation in court

If you need representation in court and you need a professional to help you formulate your case, come up with your defense, and help interview witnesses, hiring Philadelphia criminal lawyers can help you properly prepare and get all of your ducks in a row before you face the court. Instead of representing yourself, which takes extensive legal knowledge, you can hire a professional who knows what they are doing. This way, they can focus on all of the details that you otherwise would not know.


If you have committed a crime, you have been convicted of a crime, or you need representation during your next court case, then you should consider hiring Philadelphia criminal lawyers. A professional attorney can formulate an argument for your case, prepare witnesses, keep you calm during stressful situations, and prepare all of the documents needed in the court.

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