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5 Ways How Trucking Companies Cause Deadly Accidents

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Of all of the vehicles currently travelling on American roadways, trucks are responsible for the highest number of deadly accidents. Many trucking companies are behind these accidents instead of the drivers being at fault.

Trucks cause almost 5,000 fatal accidents in the USA each year. They cause so many accidents that the National Safety Council issues separate advice to trucking companies than other fleet-owning businesses. Limitation on driver hours and mileage is just one example of this. If you become entangled in a truck accident as the driver or passenger of another vehicle, the chance is strong that you will be the worst off. It is for this reason that we must hold trucking companies accountable for the accidents they cause.

The 5 Reasons Trucking Companies Cause Accidents

You would have seen the news of a truck accident in Louisville recently. The victims of that accident can claim compensation if they are aware of their rights. Truck accidents are common in places like Louisville. Remember, if you have been in a trucking accident that wasn’t your fault, you can reach out to Louisville truck accident lawyers for help. Keep reading to know about the 5 reasons trucking companies cause deadly accidents on our roads.

1 – They work drivers long hours

Trucking companies encourage their drivers – especially freelance truckers – to drive as much as possible. They have little regard for a trucker’s time at the wheel. Since the NHTSA has identified drowsy driving as a huge killer on America’s roads, trucking companies are putting lives at risk when they do this. Don’t drive while you are tired. It can kill you. It really is as simple as that.

2 – Overloading vehicles

Trucks can weigh 80,000 pounds. They can also be overweight. If a trucker arrives at a destination to make a pickup and those loading the cargo stock the truck to the brimming point, the chances are that truck will be overweight. Trucking weights reflect the safe amount that they can carry. This means when you overload a truck, that vehicle is no longer safe. If your truck is a hundred pounds overweight, it could mean you lose control while braking. It might even lead to broken axles, flat wheels, and other technical problems.

3 – High-pressure situations

Trucking companies put so much pressure on their drivers that many of those drivers turn to drugs or alcohol to assuage the stress. One New York Post article found that 72,000 truckers have been removed from the roads since 2020, all due to being over the influence. Typical drugs include alcohol and cannabis, although others are possible.

4 – Lack of training

Some trucking companies do not train their drivers beyond the manual handling of the vehicle. This means truckers don’t know their own limitations in terms of weight or stacking. This can lead to loose cargo in the hold while they are on the road. A loose cargo, just like an overweight one, can cause accidents.

5 – Lack of vehicular maintenance

If you have a truck which is on the road five days per week, and of those five days,you overload it 3 days that truck will wear down faster than it is supposed to. A truck which is regularly under pressure is one which requires more maintenance. What are the chances of a truck company performing that maintenance? You guessed it, a little less than zero percent.

Trucking Accidents are not always the Companies Fault

Even though trucking companies are often responsible for accidents on the road, sometimes it is purely the driver’s fault.

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