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5 Ways Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Did you recently get injured in an accident?

Over 55 million people in the U.S. seek medical help for injuries. Yet, this figure doesn't account for recovery time. Adequate recovery time is critical for healing and preventing chronic pain.

However, the above points raise a couple of crucial questions:

How do you pay for quality care and recovery?

What if the injury isn't your fault?

Ideally, the other person's insurance provider would cover most of your expenses, but it may not be enough. Plus, you may have to seek outside services for care, as well.

Accident lawyers step in to negotiate the highest possible settlements for injured parties.

Let's unpack more ways an accident lawyer can help.

1. Accident Lawyers Answer Important Legal Questions

One of the first things you have to figure out is if you have a case. Luckily, most law firms offer free consultations for prospective clients. See this website to learn how to fill out a free consultation form.

Questions to ask include:

  • Is the other party legally at fault?
  • Do I have a winnable case?
  • Are you experienced with my type of case?
  • Which attorney will be managing my case?
  • What information do you need from me?

Another good question to ask is strategy.

What would be the firm's strategy for your case?

Remember to bring any documents you have from the accident. Documentation is crucial to winning your case. Thus, you should visit a doctor as quickly as possible after the injury.

Fortunately, lawyers are meticulous data-gatherers. They'll also talk to witnesses, take photos, and document any other evidence.

2. Access to Specialized Care

Some accident attorneys partner with accident doctors to help clients (and patients) receive quality care, recovery time, and detailed injury documentation.

You would also see an accident doctor if you were seeking an injury settlement. For example, if you were injured at the workplace, your employer may send you to an accident doctor specializing in worker's compensation cases. You would also visit a similar physician working with a worker's comp attorney.

While employers pay for workers' comp insurance, it doesn't always account for recovery time. This route forces employees to return to work when their injuries aren't fully healed, risking more injuries. However, a worker's compensation attorney can help you get more recovery time and better quality care.

Employers also have their own protocol for documenting injuries. First, you would report your injury to a manager, who would then report it to human resources (HR). Next, you would visit your employer's designated worker's compensation clinic.

Physicians work within your initial insurance settlement amount. You can always seek a worker's comp accident attorney if your employer's insurance provider doesn't provide enough resources (or recovery time) to heal.

You can also hire a worker's compensation attorney if your employer's insurance provider denies your comp claim. 

3. Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Many accident cases fall under the "personal injury" umbrella.

This umbrella covers the following and more:

  • Slips and falls
  • Burns
  • Animal bites
  • Injuries from products
  • Food poisoning
  • Medical malpractice
  • Elderly Abuse

Slips and falls are one of the most frequent personal injuries. If you slip and fall on a company's property, that business may be liable for damages. Slipping on restaurant puddles, storefront debris, and inventory are all causes of a personal injury case.

Like any other accident, meticulous documentation is essential.

A personal injury attorney will request any details you have from the event, including pictures, eyewitness statements, and injury details. Like car accident attorneys, a personal injury lawyer may also recommend you to an injury physician specializing in treating and documenting personal injuries.

4. Attorneys Will Fight For You

Lawyers are supposed to advocate for you. That's another reason why free consultations are so important. You need to gauge whether or not the firm is the right fit for you and your case.

Your attorney's disposition and communication style matters immensely. You don't want any surprises around the corner. A good lawyer communicates every detail; they also leverage multiple channels like email and phone.

Suppose you don't feel like your attorney is listening to your concerns. The attorney-client relationship should be a partnership.

However, communication in this partnership goes both ways. Communicate all injury details to your attorney. Don't hesitate to call your lawyer when you remember a missed point.

Even if a lawyer isn't a good fit, a professional attorney should recommend another firm that could help. That's why taking full advantage of your free consultation is essential.

5. Protect Your Business

Do you own a retail shop, restaurant, or industrial worksite?

These industries are prone to causing slips and falls, warehouse injuries, back injuries, and burns. You're more likely to be legally at fault when someone gets hurt on your property. Thus, it's imperative to prevent personal injuries as much as possible.

Business owners should consult (or have their own) business attorneys to comply with city permits, business ordinances, and labor laws. However, consulting a personal injury lawyer keeps you out of legal hot water.

For example, you may learn that your warehouse isn't following OSHA standards. Should an OSHA official visit your workplace for an inspection, you could be fined for many reasons. Even blocking a circuit breaker box is cause for a fine.

Consulting an accident or worker's compensation attorney from the beginning helps prevent costly worker's comp claims, sick days, turnover, and general injuries.

Get the Help You Need Quickly

Don't wait to consult an accident lawyer. Everyone from pedestrians to business owners could benefit from hiring accident lawyers early.

Remember the above tips as you find the right legal option for you. The blog is also packed with valuable information.

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