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5 Reasons You Might Need To Hire A Private Investigator

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Sometimes using Google may not have all the answers you need or the peace of mind you seek. Perhaps you wish to know about a company with no public listing, or you want to keep an eye on a disgruntled ex, or you're in the middle of a custody battle and can't afford to lose. In all these circumstances hiring a private investigator is in your best interest. These professionals have the skill, talent, and experience to conduct investigations for you.

But, these experts can only function within the framework of the law, so don't expect them to trespass or illegally extract information. Certain law enforcement agencies, including law firms, also rely on these services from time to time, which further goes to show a detective's reliability and quality.

Listed below are a few situations for which you might want to hire a private detective:

1.     You are in the middle of a child custody fight

More than half of custody cases in the US end with the mother getting awarded as primary custodian. At the same time, less than 10% require court interventions with mediation if both parents cannot agree amicably with their child. Going through these proceedings can be mentally and emotionally taxing. If you're not on good terms with your partner, the situation may further aggravate you.

The last thing you would want is for the court to conclude your case and unfairly pass a custody arrangement. So you may need a private detective to do a little digging for you. The city of New York follows firm criteria for unfit parents. So by hiring a Long Island Private Investigator, you can find out if the other party is neglectful and fails to provide adequate care for your child. As a result of which, the jury and judge may rule in your favor. Being a parent is not easy, and there is no shame in asking for help when you need it.

2.     Your partner may be unfaithful

When you become suspicious about your partner, you should have evidence to support your claim when confronting them. Cheating partners are good at hiding their tracks and keeping their phones locked, making it hard for you to investigate. Moreover, if you're wrong about your assumptions, you may risk your relationship and accidentally destroy the fragile bond you have with your loved one.

By asking a private investigator for help, you will ensure that you were not wrong and learn about your partner's activities behind your back. A private investigator may follow your partner for several days. During this time, they'll take pictures, make notes of their routine, and give you the details of the person they're seeing. A good private detective will exercise discretion as they conduct their business. You can also stop your private investigator from pursuing the case any further at any point.

3.     Need assistance with a background check

Sometimes you want to ensure the person you're hiring or planning to share accommodation with is reliable and trustworthy. The person's story may not be easy to verify on paper, so an interview alone may not be enough to convince you the person across from you is as honest as they sound. When looking for a roommate, babysitter, employee, or tenant, you should run background checks to get information on them that they tried to hide from you.

A private investigator may know precisely how to help you. They will look for past criminal records, last place of employment, education, violence history, and credit score. You can ask for additional details like parents and family tree. But most private investigators will first get your most essential information unless you request otherwise.

4.     While filing for an injury claim

About 8 million live on Long Island, making it a home to more than 40% of New Yorkers. However, a large population can cause massive traffic congestion and road accidents. You would file a personal injury claim if you were in any of these collisions. These can happen at work, like falling down unmaintained stairs or if your motor vehicle crashes with someone else. This validates your insurance and holds the culprit responsible for paying for your damage. There are many layers to filing for an injury claim since you have to legally prove you were abiding by the law and that the other party caused this mishap.

You have to confirm the time and place of the unfortunate incident, bring witnesses onboard, prove the injuries you sustained require elaborate treatment, and prove the loss you suffered. A private investigator can do this grunt work for you. They can gather the evidence you need to build a robust case. Furthermore, they may also get the key witnesses you require for your trial and bring them to court.

5.     Tracking down a cyberbully

Cyberbullying is a crime and to put a stop to this form of harassment is not easy since these criminals hide well. Cyberbullies abuse the internet platforms and gain unrestricted access to your accounts. Blocking unwanted messages, comments, and public posts can become bothersome, and the bully may leak confidential information about you in severe cases.

Locating a cyberbully requires specific tactics. Most of these perpetrators use VPNs, a masking tool to hide their IP address that displays their address. But a private investigator can break through this barrier for you, narrow down where the criminal is operating from while collecting the information you need to press charges. This can finally put a halt to the constant bullying you face online.


Private investigators are seasoned professionals who can assist you during your most vulnerable times. The law and order system works best when you have accurate details of the cases you're filing. So through their expert help, you can get all the info you need to get out of sticky situations.

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