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4 Reasons Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer After a Semi-Truck Collision

If you’ve just been involved in a truck accident, you might be wondering whether you really need a lawyer or if you can just handle the entire legal process yourself to save money. While there have been truck drivers who have represented themselves in the past during insurance claim filings and court proceedings, a driver with an attorney will almost always obtain better compensation and faces a higher chance of achieving a desirable outcome in their case. So, why is it necessary to have an experienced Truck accident attorney in Houston on your side after an 18-wheeler collision? Here are 4 reasons why every driver should contact an attorney after being involved in an accident:

Having Advanced Knowledge of Local and Industry-wide Laws & Regulations

A reputable lawyer will be able to help you leverage all applicable laws and regulations to your advantage. For example, states with comparative fault laws will prohibit insurance claimants from recovering compensation for personal injury if they’re found to hold more than 50% of the fault for the accident. Having a local lawyer in your corner will maximize your chances of being on the right side of that law and others that will influence the outcome of your case. 

Handling Legal Negotiations and Processes

Your truck accident lawyer might need to negotiate with numerous attorneys who represent large corporations, insurance providers, and trucking companies. Those professionals are highly trained to operate with the primary goal of reducing the value of your claim or denying it all together. Essentially, the whole process is a competition between you and them, and without the help of an attorney who specializes in the field, you’ll have a slim chance of coming out victorious. 

Helping You Discover All Potentially Liable Parties 

Due to the size of the vehicle, its mechanical complexity, and the dynamics of most trucking accidents, there tends to be a large number of potentially liable parties involved, many of which you’d probably never identify without the help of an attorney. For example, parties who might be partially responsible and who could be held liable for providing compensation include the truck driver’s employer, the truck’s owner or manufacturer, the freight forwarding company, a repair shop that worked on the truck, the company that loaded the truck’s cargo, and many others. 

Providing Guidance Throughout the Process

Without someone to hold your hand throughout the claim filing process, the entire experience can feel a bit overwhelming. An attorney will be able to listen to your concerns and questions and provide detailed answers and solutions that will keep your mind at ease and increase the amount of compensation you’re able to recover. 

Going It Alone is Stressful and Risky 

There’s really no reason to put yourself through the unnecessary stress and hassle of representing yourself independently. While you might think that you’re saving money, when you consider the fact that you’re heightening your chance of having the claim denied, you are actually likely to end up losing money.

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