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3 Most important parts of your law firm's SEO campaign

If you want your law firm’s SEO campaign to succeed, there are some parts you need to pay attention to. Whether you are doing this on your own or working with an agency, the steps for your SEO strategy need to be laid out properly in order for you to see traffic come through.


Content is one of the most important factors for any successful SEO campaign and should be the majority of your focus. The reason why content is so important is because Google wants to connect users with the most useful content. Google will depend on text on a website in order to provide a good answer to the user search. The better Google thinks of your content, the higher it will rank your content and your website in search results.

A blog can be a great way to help with the content strategy on your website. Part of Google’s ranking for content is a freshness signal that will reward websites that update content frequently. Blog posts allow you to frequently update your content, as well as add relevant information that can be easily searched. You can write blog posts that target some long-term search phrases. For example, “how to choose a criminal defense attorney” can be a popular search phrase and you can write a blog post that addresses this topic. At the end of each blog post, you should have a call to action so that potential clients can easily find this information. When it comes to the length of blog posts, long term content tends to do better. A long form post helps position you as an expert and people will tend to engage with them better. These also tend to get shared on social media more often and gain inbound links.

Website Optimization

One of the main things you need to have for website optimization is a responsive web design. However, there are also some other key elements when it comes to properly optimizing your website. The user experience is going to be a big part of how your site ranks. Websites that don’t have a good user experience usually have a high bounce rate, which can affect rankings.

How your website is structured and how the content appears within the architecture is also an important part of having an SEO friendly website. The content needs to be structured in a way that makes it easy for website visitors to look for the information they need. For example, you will want to clients to be able to find your services as fast as possible so that option should be to the far left in your menu. Many people won’t get to your website through the home page and will instead find you on the relevant page for the keyword that they searched. Every page of your website should give the right impression and lead to the rest of your site. When you are adding new pages, consider where the pages belong in order to make sure that there is a streamlined strategy. Websites should have a path for visitors to become leads by guiding them through a funnel that educates, qualifies, convinces, and then finally converts them.


Google defines authority as the relative trust for your website when compared to other websites that are also competing for the same search terms. Authority is based on the usefulness of your content, the ease at which content can be found and used, and inbound links, which are links from other websites. Content needs to be relevant and should be easily found with proper website optimization.

Inbound links from other websites are an important part of authority and can greatly help or hurt your SEO. The right kinds of links are going to be earned by content that relevant websites will link to. Law firms that solicit or purchase links are usually discredited. A website needs some great content in order to build authority and it must have great website optimization in order for this content to help strengthen authority.

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