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Will a Domestic Violence Conviction End Your Career?

It can come at you before you know it.

You have a domestic violence charge hanging over you. So, what do you do now?

Along with financial and legal repercussions, what about your career? Will they go down in flames?

With a domestic violence attorney, you improve odds of beating the charges or getting a plea deal.

So, are you prepared to make that call today for legal help?

Let the Right Domestic Violence Attorney in on Your Case

To make sure you have all bases covered, getting legal counsel as soon as there are charges is imperative.

It is important to keep in mind that a conviction could end your career moving forward.

Among some of the ways this can happen:

  • Employer – Your employer may or may not stand by you with a conviction for domestic violence. If this is your first criminal offense, you might have a little wiggle room with your job. Meantime, your employer may decide it is in their best interests to remove you from the payroll. Even if they do not fire you, you are likely going to have trouble shaking the stigma.
  • Internet – Given how quick items spread on the Internet, your name could get out there with a bad rep. Even if your case does not make the official news, you have to think one or more people will discuss it on social media. It could be a family member or friend of the person accusing you. Once that information gets out there, it goes into archives. So even if the person takes it down at some point, too many eyes have seen it and even copied it. Among some of those seeing it could be your current or potential employer. At that point, you are in full damage control mode.

Stating Your Case

In working with the right legal counsel, make sure you cover the following:

  • Evidence – What evidence is there to convict you of domestic violence charges? Make sure you have as much of your own evidence to counter the charges. This means an alibi and any video evidence to contradict the alleged victim's claims.
  • History – Does the alleged victim have a history of making false claims against you or others? If so, your legal team could use this to your advantage. While never good to do a verbal attack on an alleged victim, shooting holes in their story is a must.
  • Plea – In the event it looks like the charges will stick, a plea deal could be your best option. Remember, you don’t want to throw away your career now and down the road over a conviction. By working on an acceptable plea deal for both parties, you could avert disaster.

Given the seriousness of domestic violence charges, have the right team backing you.

Trying to go it alone in such a serious situation is nothing short of career suicide and perhaps even your personal life too.

Get the right legal help today to have a chance to save your career tomorrow.

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