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When Is The Right Time To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Immediately! Or close to it. The first number you should dial after an injury is 911. Making sure that you are stable is the number one priority in any accident. If you have any suspicions that your injury was the result of another’s recklessness, negligence, or intent, then you need to contact an attorney right away. But it’s easier to know when to call an attorney if you’ve been inside of an ambulance. After all, you already know a bill is coming for your treatment just from accepting it. But it’s trickier to tell, for some people, when they initially believe they’re fine and don’t want to make a big deal of the accident. Read on to find out why you should reconsider your choice.

Why People Delay

Some people don’t report accidents right away because they cannot deal with it, and they hope it will go away. Their lives are already very busy as it is, and they don’t feel any excessive aches or pains and are willing to take whatever offer for the car damage from the insurance company. They also delay because they’re already dealing with paperwork, phone calls, and other details with the insurance company, both their own and the other person’s insurer, in the case of accidents involving vehicles or pedestrians.

People also often fear that they won’t be able to afford a great attorney. However, many law firms offer free consultations. Friedland & Associates lawyers are ready to take your phone call and questions about your specific case.

When Do People Finally Call?

Some symptoms, such as whiplash and internal bleeding, don’t show up for hours or even days later. People usually call an attorney around the time they start to notice that they have symptoms and need a qualified medical expert to treat them. This is when they start thinking about who is going to pay for not only the medical bills but any lost wages as a result of having to seek this care.

What Are The Risks Of Delaying?

The statute of limitations, or the limit of time you have to file a claim after an accident, is set by each state. For example, in Florida, for example, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is four years. That may seem like a long amount of time, but that’s no reason to think you should take that amount of time.

The insurance company will ask why you delayed in getting treatment, and use that to weaken your case and deny the entirety of the damages you are asking for. The adjuster will claim that if your injuries were serious enough then you would have gone to see a doctor right away. That’s why the moment you are injured, you should seek medical help.

What A Personal Injury Attorney Can Do For You

There are several reasons why hiring a personal injury attorney. First of all, personal injury law is rather broad and complex. You may think that your evidence is strong and clear, but an attorney will scrutinize and analyze it to ensure that they present it in the strongest possible way. Also, the law is not as straightforward as it seems, and there may be details about your specific situation that can alter your outcome. Lastly, whenever you face potentially going to court, you want an attorney on your side.

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