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What Is the Maximum Fine for Driving without Insurance in the UK

Main aspects of car insurance in UK

You should never drive without insurance. Despite this, about a million uninsured drivers on Britain's roads and 6,000 prosecutions are brought for possession of an uninsured vehicle each month.

There is a national motor insurance database where each registered policy is listed. If you are stopped by the police or receive a notice in the post and your policy is not registered, you'll receive a charge for driving without insurance (on your license, this offense will be shown as IN10).

Penalties for driving without insurance

People often think about what's the maximum fine for driving without insurance in the UK because they can't break the law.

Driving without insurance results in minimal fines:

  • Fixed penalty fine of £300.
  • Six penalty points.
  • The IN10 confirmation remains on your license for four years.
  • A higher car insurance premium in the future.

However, the police will decide if your offense is severe and should be taken to court. For instance: the driver has never passed the driving test or given false information.

You may face heavy fines in such situations and even be left without a car (it will be confiscated or destroyed).

Does comprehensive insurance allow you to drive any vehicle?

Although DOC (driving other cars) cover is present in many comprehensive insurance policies, it's usually subject to terms and conditions, such as age and experience.

People often break the law by mistakenly believing that insurance covers them to drive a car that is registered to someone else. Another type of offense is to allow an uninsured driver to drive your vehicle; you both can get points or fines.

What are the particular reasons for uninsured driving?

There are multiple arguments for reducing the severity of punishment. While being technically guilty of driving without insurance, you might argue that there are some extenuating circumstances.

The most common examples of this include (it's not a complete list):

  • The insurance company canceled the policy and forgot to notify the owner.
  • No valid policy due to provider mistakes.
  • You have been informed (by the vehicle owner or insurance company) that you can drive the vehicle legally.
  • You had good reason to believe that the car was insured.

In any case, you must always check the details of your policy and when it ends.

Do I need insurance to test drive a car?

Yes, you need insurance even if you're test-driving a car. Anyone can take out a temporary insurance policy for such a trip.

If you cooperate with dealers, they can have insurance for such situations, but it's better to clarify this question in advance. When buying or selling a car privately, you need to ensure insurance cover is in place, even if it's a short trip. Such cover is flexible, so if you buy an hour, you can top it up online if you need more.

If you are not sure whether your car is insured or not, for instance, your policy might have ended; there are several methods described on the Internet on how to check this data.

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