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What is personal injury law?

Personal injury law covers the area of law which is based on the accidental harm taken by the negligent actions of others. As the law states, the victims’ loss should be compensated by the liable party if the requirements are met. While these laws support the victims of accidental harm, the defendant's responsibilities and their commitment to duties will also be examined as liability occurs when the defending party breaches this duty. Personal injury laws cover the accidents in public and private properties, service sectors, community services such as schools, motor vehicle collisions including pedestrians and workplace accidents.

Injuries in public schools and determining liability

As an under age’s mental capacity isn’t equal to an adult’s, younger members of our community should be supervised while at school. To prevent accidents in these places, supervision isn’t sufficient as the whole structure of the establishment should be at acceptable standards. Managing a large institutional complex requires a great commitment to duty. As hindering these responsibilities can be quite dangerous for the children; the people in charge of the establishment should make sure everything is in order. Depending on what State the business is serving, many standards should be met before bringing the business into service. As an example, the railings of stairs and the guard rails should be at a reasonable height; or the students’ access to potentially dangerous learning equipment should be limited.

The equipment being used in the chemistry classes such as hazardous materials, chemicals, glass object and syringes should be used by the children while under the custody of the supervisor. The same duties apply during break times. Either it is the hall monitors responsible for the supervision or a private security guard, in case of an accident, the business may be liable for the children’s injuries.

How do personal injury laws apply to motor vehicle accidents?

Thousands of fatalities are being recorded every year as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Frankly speaking, these numbers could be a lot less if the drivers could obey their duties. Road-related deaths are mainly caused by negligent drivers, riders, cyclists and even pedestrians. The duties in the traffic are simple. The signs, the regulations and the lights should be obeyed as these are built with a purpose to keep the traffic in order. Breach of these duties can cause fatal accidents as motor vehicles can be quite deadly once utilised negligently.

The drivers are expected to evaluate the conclusions of their actions while in the traffic. Although it is a simple violation, many drivers ignore the following distance and lane-changing rules. Whoever caused an accident due to a similar reason can be found guilty and be demanded to cover the loss of the victim.

In motor vehicle accidents, even the party at fault can benefit from the monetary damages if he/she sustains an injury that prevents the productivity of the driver. Each motor vehicle driver in Australia should be covered with CTP insurance. For this reason, the driver at fault can also receive compensation if he/she can’t work due to injuries.


If you meet the criteria to be determined as a victim, by taking proper steps, you are likely to recover your loss. Fortunately, for your mental sufferings, you may be awarded mental distress compensation in addition to the personal injury settlement. Regarding the fact of being impaired and the potential conclusions of being ineligible to sustain your life without being dependent, compensation can be crucially important. For this reason, laws encourage you to take legal action against the liable. Always keep in mind that negligence and recklessness cannot be tolerated by the laws.

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