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What Is a Slip and Fall Case

Slipping and falling typically bruises more than just your ego. In fact, millions of emergency room visits occur every year because of slip and falls. And unfortunately, some can result in life changing injuries. If you or a loved one sustain injuries from a slip and fall caused by negligence, you deserve legal support you trust.

Tripping, slipping, and falling can result in a premises liability case. Nevertheless, make sure your injuries receive prompt and appropriate medical care, if necessary. When you sustain an injury due to negligence, you should not carry the responsibility of paying your medical bills. Let a trusted slip and fall lawyer help you pursue compensation to pay those expenses today.

What is a slip and fall accident?

A slip and fall accident is a legal term. However, unlike a lot of legal terms, this is rather self-explanatory. A slip and fall happens when you slip and fall because of an unsafe condition. This can happen in public, either walking down a street or while visiting a business, or in someone else's home. A lot of people associate slip and fall accidents with a wet floor. While that can happen, slip and fall accidents include a lot more. Particularly, poorly lit or maintained stairs.

Where do slip and fall accidents happen?

It's really common to slip and fall on the job. But slip and falls also happen at stores and in office buildings. We have many types of businesses in California. Each has to maintain their floors and repair the potholes in their parking lots to ensure safe walking conditions for their customers.

Lots of people blame themselves for falling. But the blame does not always belong to them. If the floor is slippery because of an unnatural condition, the owner of the business has a duty to keep that floor dry and clean so you can safely enter. Additionally, to keep handrails on stairways up to code, and lights on in parking lots at night. If they fail in their duty, we can try to hold them accountable for your injuries.

What are typical reasons for slip and falls?

Typical reasons for slip and falls include:

  • Slippery flooring caused from a worker mopping or spilling, and not warning patrons
  • Worn or buckling carpeting or floor mats
  • Poor lighting
  • Potholes
  • Damaged flooring
  • Loose wires
  • Damaged stairs and handrails
  • Pavement defects

What should I do if injured in a slip and fall accident?

Because slipping and falling causes embarrassment, you may want to leave the situation as quickly as possible. But that's not always the best course of action.

  • If you suffer an injury, stay and wait on medical professionals to assess you. Or, get medical attention as soon as possible.
  • If you are able to, take several pictures of the condition that causes your slip and fall.
  • If in a business, report your fall to management.
  • Get contact information for any witnesses.
  • Consult with a slip and fall attorney ASAP. That attorney might need to work to preserve or document evidence.

If you have a serious injury, do not try to pursue your slip and fall claim without a skilled and qualified lawyer. Many times, slip and fall cases are not easy to settle, and the mere fact of injury is not enough to prove liability. At First Law Group, you can be certain that our best slip and fall lawyers will provide you with an honest assessment of the viability of your claim. And, if we take your case, we will aggressively pursue damages resulting from your slip and fall accident.

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