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What are Internet Lawyers?

With the increasing use of the Internet by businesses there are many legal problems that arise specifically because of this technology. For instance, when you have a website, then you need a contract between your company and the users of the website. If your website is hacked, this can lead to legal problems that need to be resolved.

Additionally, traditional laws such as copyright laws and trademark laws are also impacted by the spread of the use of the Internet. Internet lawyers are those who understand the technology used in the Internet as well as the laws governing this technology. Cohen Schneider & Oneill has a team of experienced Internet lawyers who can advise you on your Internet venture.

Areas of Practice

Internet lawyers deal with all the legal problems that arise with the use of the Internet. At Cohen Schneider & Oneill, the Internet lawyers are aware of the way the technology works and can help you pinpoint the server from where the hacking took place. They are also familiar with more traditional legal areas such as defamation. With the spread of the use of online resources, it is easy of anyone to defame you anonymously using social media or other online resources. In such cases, our Internet lawyers will bring their knowledge of technology and defamation law to help you protect your online reputation.

Our Internet lawyers are available to help your draft Terms of Service for your website or ecommerce site, ensure that your domain name is not hacked, that you are protected from online defamation, that your copyright is not violated by digital privacy, and so on. The lawyers can also help you deal with FTC regulations, fight spam law suits, ensure your company’s compliance with spam laws, deal with Internet fraud, false Internet advertising, and hacking.

Privacy Concerns

One of the major concerns of Internet users is privacy. They want to be assured that their privacy will not be infringed when they use the Internet to communicate or look for information. As such, the Terms of Use of any website or ecommerce site must specifically address these concerns. The Terms of Use must be framed to reflect the nature of the business and also ensure that it covers all loopholes and protects the business from lawsuits in the future. Internet lawyers who are aware of the technology used to provide the service will be in a better position to frame the Terms of Use and ensure that the business is protected from lawsuits.

State and Federal Laws

As with other areas of business, the Internet too is regulated by a web of state and federal laws. As such, Internet lawyers need to be familiar with both state and federal laws on the various subjects that impinge of the use of the Internet by businesses as well as individuals.

As online technology is constantly evolving, the best Internet lawyers are those who keep abreast of these developments and incorporate the new knowledge into their work.

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